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Title Podcast#:0324 The Race of Faith | 18/01/2020

The Race of Faith, reaching the finishing line. Gospel Reading: (Jn 3: 22-36). Woman of Faith: St Teresa of Avila. The Feast of Epiphany. Kids Segment: My favourite Prayer and scripture verse. Growing in Christ. Kids Segment:  Love towards grandparents. Studying the Holy Bible, personal tips. My favourite Parable and why?  (Psalm 93). God, School and my friends. Orthodox Church : The meaning of the Incarnation Of Jesus Christ. Saint of the Week; St Abahor. Kids Segment: To be honest and truthful. Kids Segment: Yes, I am young, treat me seriously. The Race of Faith, reaching the finishing line. Desert Fathers. Did you know

Title Podcast#:0324 The Truth Shall Set You Free | 11/01/2020

The Truth Shall Set You Free. How can the truth set you free. honesty to your Boss, Family, Friends, Wife & Children. lSt.(Luke 11:27-36) Women of Faith. St. Ruth. Power of Afirmation. Serving the family, service church. What is an Emotion Duty. Who is Arc Angle Michael.

Title Podcast#:0323 Orthodox Christmas Special 2020 | 04/01/2020

Orthodox Christmas Special 2020. Gospel Reflection (Mathew 2:1-12)  Birth of Jesus. What does it mean. women of Faith: St. Britcha of Ireland. Why did Jesus come to us? Our Homes. Nativity in our midst. Christ calling us to to discipleship. St. Anastasia. Desert Fathers and did you know. Also why the 7th of Jan. instead of the 25th Dec. why change the date?.

Title Podcast#:0322 New Year Special 2020 | 28/12/2019

New Year Special 2020. Count down to 2020. Gospel Reflection (Luke 1:9-56). Women of Faith: New Year Resolution? How do you see your new year. what are you going to make of it. Coping with Family pressures. God is Holy. Desert Fathers and Did you know.

Title Podcast#:0321 A Saviour is Born On Christmas Day | 21/12/2019

A Saviour is Born On Christmas Day. The Whole Western world will celebrate Christmas. Gospel Reflection: (Luke 1:26-38). Women of Faith: St. Agnes of Rome. HSC and beyond on support of the youth beyond High School. Family Tradition on Christmas Day. The Spirit of giving. Psalm 86. St. Hedra of Aswan. The Desert Fathers & did you know.

Title Podcast#:0320 The Journey To Christmas | 14/12/2019

The Journey To Christmas. Gospel Reflection (Luke 1:1 – 25) — Announcement of the Birth of John The Baptist being born. Do you love to smile. Raising Children. Psalm 87. How do you love your neighbour. is your neighbour the rest of the world. What is the best gift? Desert Fathers. How do they teach us about obediance.

Title Podcast#:0319 The Good Shepherd | 07/12/2019

The Good Shepherd. Who is the Good Shepherd His birth. Gospel Reflection (John 6:5-14) A Saint is born on Christmas day. Mary Mother of God.  Always state fact. Three wise men bearing gifts. What is Christmas.Nativity is a Story that never ends.

Title Podcast#:0318 The Power Of Advent | 30/11/2019

The Power Of Advent. Gospel Reflection (Luke 14:25-35), Women of Faith: Emilia, mother of St. Basil the Great. Gifts of Believing. Prayer and Fasting. Spining love! Psalm 81. rage of Sin. The Orthodox Church: Origin of the Creed. The advent East vs West. Desert Fathers.

Title Podcast#:0317 Seeing Christ In Others | 23/11/2019

Seeing Christ In Others. Our own humanity in loving others, Seeing God in Others, engaging with others. Gospel Reflection: (Mathew 13:1-9).Women Of Faith: Saint Monica. International Mens days. Human Trafficking in Modern slavery. Psalm 80. Modern day saints. Our human down fall. How to love your neighbour as yourself.

Title Podcast#:0316 All Have Sinned | 16/11/2019

All Have Sinned.  Gospel Reflection on the Gospel (Luke 8:4-15). What do you understand about the parables. Women of Faith: St. Arthanatia. By Faith we understand. Spiritual Immaturity. Spirituality and growth. Psalm 78. Gods saving grace. Nothing keeps a person from God. St. George’s feast. what gives me righteousness. being humble. How to admit to sin to others.