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Title Podcast#: 0191 Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover | 09/12/2017

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.  Gospel Reflection: (Luke 1:1-25). Living your life of faith, Dealing with a bully environment, Patience is a virtue and a smile is a gift, Life Experience: raising boys. Women of faith. Panel Discussion Who is a book, don’t judge a book by its cover? Desert Fathers: Desert Fathers on humility & Did you know.

Title Podcast#: 0190 What Do I Need To Inherit Eternal Life? | 02/12/2017

What do I need to inherit eternal life?  Gospel Reflection: Mark 10: 17-3.  Leaving all to follow the Master, Is it hard to live a Righteous life, Learning to forgive, Woman of faith – Panel Discussion: Mending Fractured Relationships, Readings from the Desert Fathers & Did you know segment

Title Podcast#: 0189 The Road To Christmas | 25/11/2017

The Road to Christmas. Gospel Reflection: Luke 14:25-35. Being a disciple of Christ, Counting the cost of discipleship, Life Reflections: To be or not to be. Where do we stand? Second Hour: Ancient Fathers, Women of faith, Panel Discussion: Planning for Christmas: as a family, what should we do to bring the Message of the Birth of Christ to our family and Friends on Christmas Day? Desert Fathers & Did you know.

Title Podcast#: 0188 Preparing for Advent | 18/11/2017

Preparing for Advent. Gospel Reflection (Mathew Ch13), The Soils giving us the mind preparing for the heart. What is preparing for advent? The Good Samaritan. Mary Magdalene. Dealing with family difficulty. How can I prepare my heart? How not to waist one minute?

Title Podcast#: 0187 The Sower’s Field | 11/11/2017

The Sower’s Field. Do you know much about Sowers? Gospel Reflection on (Luke 8:4-15). How God searches the heart? God Search my heart. Please be patient with me I don’t understand, I need faith & help. Life reflection: Dealing with a hard heart. Is it me or is it them? Dealing with Family Diversity.

Title Podcast#: 0185 Give Me A Sign, Show Me A Sign | 28/10/2017

Give me a sign, show me a sign. Gospel Reflection Matthew 12:22-28, Jesus, the Son of God, Being of a sound mind, Life Lessons. Second Hour: Ancient Fathers, Women of Faith, Family Unity, Desert Fathers & Did you know.

Title Podcast#: 0183 The Forgiver Of Sins | 14/10/2017

The Forgiver Of Sins, Gospel Reflection Mark 2:1-12. The characteristics of God. We need to ask God to forgive our sins. Having the mind of Christ. Ancient Fathers on St John the Short and Taisia. Woman of faith on Taisia. Being simple and meek Putting theory into practice. Desert Fathers on Unceasing prayers & Did you know





Title Podcast#: 0182 Woman with the fragrant Flask | 07/10/2017

Woman with the fragrant Flask. Gospel Reflection Luke 7:36-50. Believing, Courage to go forward, Respect family, Saying Sorry, Learning from “the ant” Ancient Father from St Augustine, City of God, Book 1 , Woman of faith by Fr Suriel Hanna, Learning from the ant. Being a team player Desert Father & Did you know.