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Title Podcast#: 0362 Life is giving…giving for others to live | 14/11/2020

Life is giving…giving for others to live. The Gospel reflection is on Luke 8:4-15. Carol delights us in Women of Faith on the “Women who ministered to Jesus”. Jesus teaches us to let not your right hand know from your left hand when we give, and this is why George Eskander is sharing with us on “Giving is not a boomerang”. Sophia will delight the listeners with “How to prepare the soil, how to prepare the seed, and how it relates to us”. Serving from tables is as old as the church. Fr David Elmasri gives us an exposition on “The Apostle’s view on giving from the Table”. There are a number of reflections on family life…life is about giving more than taking. David looks at “a brother’s heart for his sister”. Karin shares “a mother’s heart for her children”. Mark shares “a father’s heart for his children”. George Mikhail reflects on “Standing for your rights”. Florence provides a woman’s perspective on “Being an example to your peers”. St Antonious & St Paul Youth Group shares with us in bringing an organisation to their Youth Group Meeting to collect cheek swabs for the “Bone Marrow” match to save lives. Paul and Grace lead in this discussion. Three young people share their experiences – Marina, Sarah, and Antony. In the Bird’s Peck in the Book of Proverbs, Jeremiah leads a depth discussion on Chapter 3, verses 7 to 12. Mario Malik provides a reflection on Proverbs 23:26, on ‘God wants your heart’. “Does God want your wealth or heart” is explained by Fr Joshua Tadros? The Bible reflection is on Psalm 123. Fr Moses Ayad speaks to us on “A Father’s heart to his congregation”. Finally, Carol continues the narrative on the Philokalia in the journey of St Didachos of Photiki – Spiritual knowledge and discrimination.

Title Podcast#: 0361 Who is my neighbour?| 07/11/2020

The Gospel reflection is on Luke 1:26-38. How do I find grace in the eyes of God, and how do I find favour before God. In the woman of faith, Carol shares with us, “how a wife’s strength should be spent on her husband”. Father Moses Ayad helps us understand what is “the greatest commandment”, and Father David tells us why love is the hardest thing to do. We have a number of different reflections by young people as follows: Karin will tell us “why love is the greatest gift”; Mark will tell us “what is the greatest gift”; Mary will share with us who is my neighbour; Florence will tell us, well, “My neighbour is…”; David will tell us on “ my neighbour is…”; and Wesam will leads us into the deep end on “who is my neighbour”. Fr Joshua Tadros explores for us on “who is my neighbour through scripture. Jeremiah goes deep into the Book of Proverbs in his segment, “a bird’s peck in the Book of Proverbs”. How do I love my neighbour unless Christ is formed in me and this is expounded by Fr Kyrillos for our learning. The Bible reflection in on Psalms 122. Fr Antony Morgan provides some practical reflection on who is my neighbour. Carol Akladious continues for us the journey of St Didachos of Photiki on Spiritual knowledge and discrimination – focusing on chapters 72-77.

Title Podcast#: 0360 Living Respectfully in a Pluralistic Society | 31/10/2020

Living Respectfully in a Pluralistic Society. The Gospel is on (Luke 7:11-17), Woman of Faith by Carol Akladious addressing “humility in a world that likes to humiliate others”. Fr David ElMasri on “The Apostles’s teachings on accepting others”Voices of children, directed by Naomi Tadros form St Cosman and Demain Church in Sydney on, “how children love their friends”. George Mikhail speaks to us on “Accepting others who are different”. Karin shares with us on, “teaching children to love others”. Mark shares with us on “Teaching children how to bear with each other” Mary Tawadrous will speaks to us on “how do we lover others” Wesam will speaks to us “what is love”. Jeremiah Akladious speaks to us on a Bird’s peck in the Book of Proverbs. Today, Jeremiah looks at on. Fr Kyrillos Farag speaks to us on part 5, “I labour until Christ is formed in me”The Bible reflection on (Psalm 121). Fr Shenouda Mansour on “Living respectfully in a pluralistic society”. We continue the journey with Carol Akladious on the series in the Desert Fathers taken from the Philokalia, with St Diadochos of Photiki on ‘Spiritual knowledge and discrimination’.

Title Podcast#:0358 The House of God | 17/10/2020

The House of God. Today’s reading is on the Gospel Luke 5: 1-11. In the Woman of Faith,  Carol Akladious will speak on St Anastasia. George Eskander will address the term , “The Altar at the Church”. Fr David ElMasri will speak on, “The Apostolic Church today is as strong as it was yesterday”.  David Tawadros shares with us , “The Church – Wow”. Merna Tawdrous reflects with us “Sunday School- Wow”. George Mikhail shares with the listeners on being a deacon in the Coptic Orthodox Church and the House of God. The segment, “My role as a mum for bringing my children to the church” is led by Karin. Mary Tawadros shares with us some practical Christian living on “the House of God”. Florence shares with us , “why she loves the church”. Wesam gives us an insight on “the role of women at church”. Today’s Children’s voices are interviews by children on children in the topic of the church. Jeremiah Akladious speaks to us on, “A bird’s peck in the Book of Proverbs”. Fr Kyrillos Farag continues the series on, “I labour until Christ is formed in me”, part 3. The Bible reflection is on Psalm 119: 169-176. Fr Anthony Morgan speaks to us on “The House of God – in the world and not of world”. Carol Akladious continues the series on the Desert Fathers taken from the Philokalia, on St Diadochos of Photiki on ‘Spiritual knowledge and discrimination’ , chapters 57 to 62..

Title Podcast#:0357 They Are My Friends | 10/10/2020

They are my friends. (Gospel Mark 2:1-12). Woman of Faith by Carol on the friendship of St Perpetual and St Felecity. George Iskander addresses “You know who are your real friends when problems arises between friends”. Fr David Elmasri reflects on “Apostolic Fathers advice on who are my true friends” Wasem on dealing with your child’s friends. Florence will speak to us on her reflection my true friend is Jesus Naomi Tadros, Voice’s of children on friends…. Merna will tell us about friends. David will share with us, they are my friends. George Mikhail will tell us why his friends are awesome. Mary Tawadrous trust and friends. Merna Tawadrous trust and friends and family. Mark Yostos will speak to us on choosing my friends Karin will now speak to us Directing adolescents on friends. Jeremiah on the bird’s peck in the book of proverbs , (Proverbs 1:10-19)
Fr Moses on How to Deal with dangerous friendships. Fr Shenouda , they are my friends
Desert Fathers narrated by Carol on St dio.

Title Podcast#:0356 Preserving To Conquer | 03/10/2020

Preserving To Conquer. Gospel Reflection (Luke 7:36 – 50). Gospel on the sinful Women. Carol Women of Faith, Preserving to Conquering yourself is hard work. Apologetic fathers on conquering and being Strong with Fr. David.  Florence on Teach me on how to be strong. making positive choices with Carol. Overcoming self with Rebecca. Facing hardship and difficulties. Psalm 119. Fr. Moses in overcoming ego.

Title Podcast#:0355 The Power of the Cross Special | 26/09/2020

The Power of the Cross: Special Episode on the Feast of the Cross. Gospel Reflection (John 10:22-38). Women of Faith: Queen Helena. Goerge: Take and come and carry your cross. Fr. David on Apostolic Fathers understanding the feast of the cross. The Power of Cross. The Cross in my room. The Cross in my room. Why I wear the cross. Naomni: Voices of Children on the cross. Jeremiah: Birds peck in the book of proverbs. I labour untill Jesus Christ is formed in me. More….

Title Podcast#:0354 The Dialogue: Jesus and the Lawyer | 19/09/2020

The Dialogue: Jesus and the Lawyer (Luke 10:21-28). Lawyer asks Jesus, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”. The  question is a deep filled with other trajectory questions that many will ask. The Gospel reflection is on Luke 10:21-28. Carol presents to us in Woman of Faith, “Mother Melania the younger”. Let’s talk about “The Dialogue” presented by George Iskander. Fr Moses Ayad leads us into the “Steps to encourage me on my journey with God”. If I was in the room when Jesus spoke to the Lawyer, what would have been my response to the Lawyer? Well, Karin & Mark- provide “My response to the lawyer”. What would been your response? A new segment is introduced and led by Jeremiah in “A bird’s peck on the book of Proverbs”. Today, Jeremiah reflects in an introduction to the Book of Proverbs. Now, a clergy response to the Lawyer’s question. Fr David’s segment, “Response from the Apostolic Father’s view on the lawyers question”. A teacher’s view is presented by Rebecca in “Why Ask the teacher”. The Voices of Children is produced by Naomi Tadros, and today, she is asking children on “helping my friends”. Antony Mansour leads us on “Steps to Eternal life”. Fr Shenouda Mansour speaks on “on practical understanding of righteousness “ taken from the Book of Leviticus 19. Fr Kyrillos Farag leads a reflection on “Nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ”, taken from Romans 8:38-39. The Bible Reflection is focused on Psalms 119: 137-144. Fr Antony Morgan tells us a discussion on, “Winning the heart of Jesus”. The Desert Fathers is narrated by Carol Akladious taken from the book of the Philokalia, and she continues the journey of St Diadochos of Photiki, on “Spiritual knowledge and Discrimination”.

Title Podcast#:0353 Coptic New Year Special 2020 | 12/09/2020

Coptic New Year Special 2020. Letter from the Prime minister of Australia. Greeting and Congratulation to the Coptic Community. The Gospel Reflection: (Luke 7) , Women of Faith: St. Teckla, Who was John the Baptist? Why is it called the 7 Martyrs (Psalm 119-126) Living the Gospel in a sacret society. Verity of Reflection.  Reflection on Anxiety.