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Title Podcast#:0315 The Lamp Of The Body | 09/11/2019

The Lamp Of The Body.  Ask yourself what is the lamp of the body,. Gospel Reflection (John 6:5-14). Women of Faith: St. Lucia of Sicily, Italy. The value of wisdom. Why saints of Solomon. Biblical text psalm 7. Who was Pope Kirolos the 6th. A Pope of Seat of Alexandria

Title Podcast#:0314 The Life Of Thanksgiving | 02/11/2019

The Life Of Thanksgiving. What does it mean. we Thank God for everything usually. seen and unseen. Gospel Reflection (Luke 7:11-17). Women of faith: Mother Anastasia The Nun. Progress of refugees. Christian ethics. psalm 76. saint of the week: St. Luke. What is the Prayer book: “Agbya”. is what I am given good?.

Title Podcast#:0313 Freedom In Christ | 26/10/2019

Freedom In Christ. Freedom in Jesus, in God . Gospel Reflection (Luke 7:11-17). Dealing with Change and Crisis. Fighting Isolation. Serving Others Women of Faith: St’ Theodora. St. John the Short (The Dworf).How can I find my freedom? When God is with us what happens? if the Son sets you free.

Title Podcast#:0312 The King Of Righteousness | 19/10/2019

The King Of Righteousness. Who’s the King of Righteousness? None an other than Jesus Christ. Gospel Reflection Matthew 12:22-28) Women of Faith: Mary Mackillop (An Australian Catholic Origin Saint). Walking Truth and Light. Live by faith. Psalm 83. Saint of the Week. Saint Zachariah. How do you live your live.

Title Podcast#:0311 The Race Of Faith | 12/10/2019

The Race Of Faith. What does the race of faith mean to you? Gospel Reflection (Luke 5:1-11) Women of Faith. The Author of salvation. Faith without work is dead Psalm 82. The Orthodox Church, What do we learn from St. Goerge. Saint of the weak. St. Bishoy. What is Faith?

Title Podcast#:0310 Renewing Your Spiritual Vitality | 05/10/2019

Renewing Your Spiritual Vitality. Gospel Reflection (Mark 2:1-10) Women of Faith: Salome. Mother sons of Thunder. Loving God under trial. Psalm 81. Control your tongue. How is it possible? Samuel the prophet.

Title Podcast#:0308 The Truth Shall Set You Free | 21/09/2019

The Truth Shall Set You Free. Jesus said those words. It’s to remind us that he is exactly that. Gospel Reflection Luke 19: 1-10) Women of Faith: Saint Sofia. The Lamb of the Bible. What is greed? don’t be greedy is the phrase. St. Moses the Black, Who was he?

Title Podcast#:0306 Growing In Gratulate | 07/09/2019

Growing In Gratulate. Giving Thanks to your family, Wife & Husband, Children. Gratitude to your Children. How to give Thanks. The meaning of thanks to the Lord of our Life.  Gospel Reflection (Luke: 7:28-35). St. Oda.   What is Babtism?. Women of Faith: Lidia. Christian Values Psalm 77. St. John the Apostle. Did you know.