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Title Podcast#:0348 “Resilience: The capacity to…” | 08/08/2020

“Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness”. God grants us many gifts of the Holy Spirit, and one gift is “Resilience”,so that we are able to say no to sins and be firm in our relationship in God. The Gospel reflection is on Luke 20:9-19, the  Parable of the wicked vine dressers. On the Woman of Faith – Carol shares with us the life story of St Paiesa, a wonderful story of woman spirituality, and a story of repentance. For the 1st topic of the program, George leads a discussion on, “Relisience: A gift of the Holy Spirit – preparing for tough times”. Mark provides a practical approach on “To be resilient…examples in life”. Evelyn, tells us that, “life is full of life and liberty”. But does that gives from freedom to do whatever we want? Antony, shares a youth perspective on  “Being resilient…God gives me strength”. Fr David shares the sayings of the Apostolic Fathers on “Resilience”. The Holy Spirit has many gifts of virtues and grace to equip the children of God in all of life’s challenges. HERE, Fr Moses, explains on “The Grace of Holy Spirit works in us to be resilient in spirit and strong in the Lord”. In the next four segments, there are 2 teachers and 2 students views on Resilience. The teachers shares with us the Life of a teacher – teaching students to be resilient, led by Rebecca and Karin. David and Merna: leads a discussion as students on, “Being at school teaches us to be resilient”. Did you know lying is a grave sin, that sin leads a person to be blind to what they are doing. Here, Fr Kyrillos talks to its viewers, “being victorious in Christ encourages a person to ask God for resilience, and to ask God in overcoming the sin of lying. From here, the program leads on a small panel on a Bible Reflection on Psalm 119:89-105. The final topic is led by Fr Joshua in a discussion titled,  “God’s guidance and direction, none other than, “Resilience”. Finally, Fr Shenouda narrates The Desert Fathers on St. Diadochos of Photiki who lived in the 400 , under  486CE, taken from the Philokalia.

Title Podcast#:0347 “The Power to be Freed” | 01/08/2020

“The Power to be Freed”. We have a number of guests speakers to speak to us on a number of topics. We start with the  Gospel Reflection on St John 11:1-45, where it reminds us the Lord Jesus saying, “I am the Resurrection and the Life”, for He is the Author of Life and has authority over life and death. In the Woman of Faith segment Carol Akladious leads us in sharing about Mother Susan of the 6th Century. George Iskander shares with us on “self esteem: what does this mean for me as a Christian’?. Fr Moses walks us through “what does Christ do to encourage our self esteem (from the gospels)? How can we learn from His example?”. A topic present by a number of people on: “How can we encourage one another” is presented by a gender and generational responses from a woman’s perspective in Karen who will share with us her view, and Mark Yostos will share with us his view from a man’s perspective. The gender divide is shown here, their reflection shows the difference in gender, and how gender deals with this matter much differently. More differently, is the generational difference in school students views with David and Merna. In all, this is a beautiful segment to show a broad range understanding in gender and intergeneration. Our segment reflects, what do you do when you get hurt. We all treat this matter alot different, …pending our experience, resilience and ability to forgive, and difference in gender and the difference in generation. We will hear from another school student, Marya on “When I am hurt: where do I go to for healing?” We are very blessed to have Voices of Children produced and recorded by Naomi Tadros from the Sunday school of St Cosman and Sr Demain on “loving their parents – and why I love my parents” The answers of children provide wonderful memory of our childhood….O Lord, help us to return our hearts to a state of innoence. We welcome  Fr Kyrillos Farag to the program where he will share with us an in-depth discussion on, “overcoming anger and wrath” . Fr Kyrillos Farag gives us a sound framework on how we are able to overcome anger and wrath….one easy solution he …provides is to invite God into your life…to allow the Holy Spirit to effectively work in your life. Overall, Father Kyrillos gives a positive framework for us to consider. Welcome Fr Kyrillos Farag to the team. We continue our Bible Reflection on Psalm 119: 81-88. Be reassured that God love us and cares for us, and carry our weak state as we dint for Christ’s salvation and mercy in our lives. The love of the Apostolic Fathers is shared by Fr David in addressing “Self Esteem: Brief views taken from the Apostolic Fathers”. And finally Fr Shenouda narrates the a portion of the Desert Fathers of St. Neilos the Ascetic who was an abbot of a monastery near Ankyra (Ankara) in the early decades of the fifth century, some of his discourse of his life taken from the Philokalia.

Title Podcast#:0346 “Reflections on COVID-19” | 25/07/2020

“Reflections on COVID-19”. The Gospel reflection is on the Gospel of St Luke 9:10-17. Carol Akladious reflects today on “Women of Faith”. We have a number of reflections on COVID-19 by George, Rebecca, Karen,and Mark on their personal reflections on their experiences during this pandemic affecting their lives in Australia. We have David and Merna reflecting their lives as school students and their life of learning during lockdown and after restrictions. Father David takes us through “Learning from lessons of old, why God isolated those with leprosy in the Old Testament…lessons for today  on COVID19#”. Father Moses walks with us on “Feeding the five thousand…a lesson for today”. Mark delights all of us with the voices of his two young sons on radio. There is a Bible Reflection on Psalm 119: 73- 80, and the Desert Fathers.
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Title Podcast#:0345 “Loving your parents” | 18/07/2020

“Loving your parents”. The Gospel is on Matthew 18:1-9. Reflecting the importance of our conversion to be as children to enter the Kingdom of God. Carol Akladious will introduce “St Febronia” in the segment on Woman of Faith. A segment on loving your parents by Rebecca. Fr Shenouda Mansour reflects on “Honouring your parents”. Fr Moses Ayad will reflect what is meant to “Have a child’s heart”. Childrens voices on your their parents. Fr Shenouda Mansour will talk on “Raising children in the fear of God” and “the challenges in Youth Ministry”. Fr David Elmasry reflects on “the Apostolic Fathers and Honouring your father and mother in the 5th Commandment. The Bible Reflection will be Psalm 119:65-72. Some reflections on the Desert Fathers on “Progress in Perfection”.  Coptic Voice Radio will love your feed back and suggestions for future programs.

Title Podcast#:0344 Remembering the Apostles | 11/07/2020

Today‘s Podcast focuses on a theme to “Remembering the Apostles” on their labour of love sacrifice they did to establish the Church. Today’s Gospel reflection is on Luke 10:1-20. Carol will lead us on the Woman of Faith, with George Eskander addressing “The Power given to the Apostles”. Fr Suriel will delight us with a story on “The Apostles, a story of love and sacrifice” and “Living the faith in todays’ society” will be shared by Fr Moses. Fr David will look at “Apostolic Father for modern day context”. A number of young Sunday school children will provide reflections on “Moving Mountains” and on Prayer” led by Rebecca Kyracious a Sunday school teacher.  A Bible reflection is given on Psalm 119: 57-64. Antony Mansour will share a youth’s reflection on “Empowering Youth -the future of youth service”. The Desert Fathers will reflect on some sayings by St Antony Great taken from the Philokalia.

Title Podcast#:0343 Know My Church | 04/07/2020

Know My Church. Gospel (Luke 6:27-38). Woman of Faith by Carol Akladious. My Church is a living Church – George Eskander. My Church – is everything to me, why? – Fr Shenouda Mansour.  A number of segments from a Sunday school servant and Sunday school children on their reflection on the knowing their church. Bible reflection on (Psalm 119:49-56). Desert Fathers, reflection on the sayings of St Antony the Great taken from the Philokalia & Did you know.

Title Podcast#:0342 The Apostolic Age, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow | 27/06/2020

The Apostolic Age, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Gospel Reflection (Matthew 12:22-37). Woman of Faith: Carol Akladious sharing the story on St Barbara. Father Attia on the significance of the heart. George Eskander on the Apostolic Age: keeping the faith for our modern day. David on the Parable of the Barren Fig Tree Merna : Reflection on Psalm 140 – Lord deliver me from my enemies. Merna – Trusting in Christ and turning away from sin. David – A reflection of Sunday School today. Merna Tawdrous on “Lord deliver me from my enemies”. Fr Shenouda Mansour on the Apostolic Age – the Commemoration of the Saints in the Liturgy. Reflection by Marie Sophie on Sunday School. Reflections on Sunday School by Merna & David Tawadrous. Mary Sophie with Fr Shenouda Mansour. Bible Reflection on (Psalm 119:41-48).  Antony Mansour on Apostolic Age : Preparing for tomorrow’s generation, a youth’s perspective. Fr Joshua Tadros on Apostolic Age : Preparing for tomorrow’s generation, a clergy’s perspective. Fr Suriel Hanna , reflecting on living the faith in today’s modern world. Desert Fathers narrated by Fr Shenouda Mansour & Did you know

Title Podcast#:0341 My Coptic Hero | 20/06/2020

My Coptic Hero. Gospel: (Luke 5:17-26). Carol: Woman of faith. George: Orthodox Church: The Church filled cloud of witnesses. Merna Tawadrous on Church Heroes. David Tawdrous on the Parable on the sower. Fr Matthew – How should a Christian walk. Bible: (Psalm 119:33-40). Fr Shenouda: A fruit of the Holy Spirit – Self Control. Antony Mansour: “the saints as role models”. Fr Joshua Tadros:Matthew 25:32, are you a sheep,or a goat. Fr Suriel: (Story): My Church Hero. Desert Fathers & Did you know.

Title Podcast#:0340 Me, A Servant Of God | 13/06/2020

“Me, a servant of God”. Gospel: Luke 11:1-13) Carol: Woman of Faith – Mother Isidora. Orthodox Church:The Apostles Fast…George Eskander. Fr Matthew Attia: Called to become Disciples of Christ. Fr Suriel Hanna: Meaning of Service. Grace Hanna: My church super Coptic Heroes. David Tawadrous: a Parable – The Unjust Judge. Mary- Sophie Gabriel : My Favourite Coptic Hero. Merna Tawadrous: Persistence in Prayer
Bible Reflection (119:25-32) Antony Mansour: God Calls me to serve. Fr Joshua Tadros: Theme: Me,“ a Servant of God. Desert Fathers & Did you know.

Title Podcast#:0339 My Helper, The Holy Spirit & The Feast Of Pentecost | 06/06/2020

This Program talks about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. How God works for our eternity. Commencing the Podcast with a reflection on the Gospel of John 15:26-16:15. Woman of Faith narrated by Carol. The General Vicar of Coptic Diocese of Sydney, Very Rev Fr Matthew Attia contemplates a reflection on Pentecost. A Special message from Mr. Nader Anice from Global Coptic Day on “My Coptic Hero”, and the four special category that allows the whole church worldwide to participate – Yes…we all need to participate. Youstina, a youth from Sydney reflects “Called to Serve”…are we called to serve…we are all called to serve…what is your special calling by God? A reflection by a primary school student in Sydney on “Gods work in my life”. Mr. George Eskander speaks on a topic that will make you think next time to pray – “Telling God what He already knows”. Fr Anthony Morgan reflects on the “Happenings on Pentecost”. Mr. Antony Mansour gives a perspective and insight on the “Fruits of the Spirit”. Mr. Paul and Ms. Monica (dual) provide a segment on “Christian Living”. Followed by a Bible Reflection on   Psalms 119:17-24. Fr Joshua Tadros reflects on the theme, My Helper, the Holy Spirit and the Feast of Pentecost. With closing desert fathers and did you know.