Monthly Archives: December 2018

Title Podcast#: 0266 Journey of Hope | 08/12/2018

Journey of Hope. Angel Gabriel visited Zacariah the Priest when he was raising incense at the Altar of the Lord. Passage for Discussion used will be. Gospel Reflection: (Luke 1:1-25). Woman of Faith – Elizabeth, Zacariah’s wife. Living in hope, family Challenges. My Hope-God Listens to prayers. I live in hope, God requires from me. Bible Reflection Psalm 42. God is the God of Miracles. Living for my family. Prayers answered & Desert Fathers.

Title Podcast#: 0265 White Rose – White Ribbon | 01/12/2018

White Rose – White Ribbon, in support of women – I say no to domestic violence. Gospel Reflection (Mark 10:17-31). Woman of Faith, Abigail, (1 Samuel 25). Men’s response on domestic violence. what is domestic Violence? Forms of Domestic Violence
Bible Reflection (Psalm 41). Woman’s response to domestic Violence. What can we do, it starts with ourselves & Desert Fathers.