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Title Podcast#:0315 The Lamp Of The Body | 09/11/2019

The Lamp Of The Body.  Ask yourself what is the lamp of the body,. Gospel Reflection (John 6:5-14). Women of Faith: St. Lucia of Sicily, Italy. The value of wisdom. Why saints of Solomon. Biblical text psalm 7. Who was Pope Kirolos the 6th. A Pope of Seat of Alexandria

Title Podcast#:0314 The Life Of Thanksgiving | 02/11/2019

The Life Of Thanksgiving. What does it mean. we Thank God for everything usually. seen and unseen. Gospel Reflection (Luke 7:11-17). Women of faith: Mother Anastasia The Nun. Progress of refugees. Christian ethics. psalm 76. saint of the week: St. Luke. What is the Prayer book: “Agbya”. is what I am given good?.