Title Podcast#:0357 They Are My Friends | 10/10/2020

They are my friends. (Gospel Mark 2:1-12). Woman of Faith by Carol on the friendship of St Perpetual and St Felecity. George Iskander addresses “You know who are your real friends when problems arises between friends”. Fr David Elmasri reflects on “Apostolic Fathers advice on who are my true friends” Wasem on dealing with your child’s friends. Florence will speak to us on her reflection my true friend is Jesus Naomi Tadros, Voice’s of children on friends…. Merna will tell us about friends. David will share with us, they are my friends. George Mikhail will tell us why his friends are awesome. Mary Tawadrous trust and friends. Merna Tawadrous trust and friends and family. Mark Yostos will speak to us on choosing my friends Karin will now speak to us Directing adolescents on friends. Jeremiah on the bird’s peck in the book of proverbs , (Proverbs 1:10-19)
Fr Moses on How to Deal with dangerous friendships. Fr Shenouda , they are my friends
Desert Fathers narrated by Carol on St dio.