Title Podcast#: 0158 Unity | 24/06/2017

Unity, What is Unity? What is meant by Unity? Unity and the Family? Unity and the Church? Unity and the World? Unity provides the strength of a community, Strength of a Husband and Wife. Strength of a society. Gospel Reflection of (St. Mathew 12:22-37)

Title Podcast#: 0153 In My Father’s House | 20/05/2017

In My Father’s House, The power of forgiveness, The virtue of hospitality,  Gospel reflection on (John 14:1-11) Jesus said, “In my Fathers House there are many mansions”, The desert fathers will be looking at hospitality and Did you know segment .

Title Podcast#: 0149 More Blessed Than Thomas | 22/04/2017

You are more blessed than Thomas, Who is Thomas. Celebration of St. Thomas. Gospel. The aspect of doubt and fear destroys. Desert Fathers: St John 20:19-31, 2. “I am Thomas”, “Doubt and fear destroys”, “You are more blessed than Thomas”.