Title Podcast#: 0256 Supporting Others | 29/09/2018

 Supporting others. Gospel Reflection on (Luke 19:1-10.) Woman of Faith. Supporting our children in the Higher School Certificate. Supporting others. Reflection on Psalm 33. What is Success? Desert Father’s & Did you know.

Title Podcast#: 0254 Coptic New Year Special 2018 | 15/09/2018

Coptic New Year Special 2018. it’s a Special . Children Interview included. What is meant by the EL-Nayrous. What’s special about dates? Why are we having them during this time of year? What is the Coptic New Year? What is modern martyrdom? Say a prayer.

Title Podcast#: 0253 It’s Time To Spring The Heart | 08/09/2018

It’s Time To Spring The Heart. Spring is in the air. Our Coptic New Year and Other’s New Year. Gospel Reflection (Mathew 25:31-46). Women of Faith. Be Still and Know I am God. Reflection, do you trust in God, do you believe in God. Psalm 30. Do we Sprint and Nature. How does The Holy Spirit gives the How to. It the work of God that give us this.

Title Podcast#: 0250 St Mary the Mother of God | 11/08/2018

St Mary the Mother of God. Gospel Reflection: (Luke 20:9-19). Women of faith. St Mary – faithful mother. St Mary – mother of prayer. St Mary – the intercession. Bible Reflection Psalm 28. The role of mother hood. Mum knows best, Supporting mothers, Desert fathers & Did you know

Title Podcast#: 0249 Spiritual journey – Step At A Time | 27/07/2018

Theme: Spiritual journey – Step At A Time, Gospel Reflection; Reading 1: (Luke 9:10-17)
Woman of faith, Raising teenagers, Loving Your children, Spirituality for Children. Reading 2: Psalm 25. Bible Reflection: Lord show me your way. Virtues of Spiritual life. Spiritual life – how. Desert Fathers,  Did You know.

Title Podcast#: 0248 Thoughts Enlightened | 21/07/2018

Thoughts Enlightened. Gospel Reflection John 11:1-45. Woman of Faith. Jesus the Resurrection and the Life. Jesus the lover of mankind. Supporting your children. Bible Reflection Psalm, Walking in integrity. Virtues of love. Desert Fathers & Did you know.