Title Podcast# 0397: Friendship | 16/10/2021

“Friendship”. The Gospel is focused on (Mark 2:1-12). Alaa provides a reflection on “Woman of Faith”. “The Value of Friendship” is reflected by George Eskander. Rachael Tadros gives a hearty discussion on “How do I know if my friends are real friends”? Karin shares with us a “Mum’s Teaching friendship to her children” and Mark shares a “Dad’s teaching friendship to his children”. David Tawadros provides a student in high school reflection on “Can Siblings be friends”? Merna Tawadros on her reflection as a student in high school with “Do you think you are a good friend”? What do you think “How important are friends for you”? is shared by Mary Tawadros. Our younger podcasters reflect: Christiana on “Family as Friends”; and Christina on “example of friends from the Bible”. Merna MO shares with us a poem on friendship. Florence on “Choosing my friends”.  Rebecca Akladious on the Desert Fathers on Prayer. Helena on “dealing with Friends”. Jeremiah continues his segment on, “A Bird’s peck in the book of proverbs” on Chapter 12. Fr Moses reflects on “What is Friendship”? Fr Shenouda reflects on a friendship in the Bible and a reflection on Psalm 25. The program was produced by Merna Tawadros and Fr Shenouda Mansour.