Title Podcast# 0398: “Friend of God” | 23/10/2021

“Friend of God”. The Gospel is focused on (St Luke 5:1-11). The reflection on the Gospel is given by Anna and Fr Shenouda. Alaa provides a reflection on “Woman of Faith”. “Moses, a friend of God” is shared by George Eskander. Shanelle Tadros reflects on “being a Friend of God is…” Karin shares with us a “Mum’s Teaching friendship to her children” and Mark shares a “Sharing prayer with children”. Merna Tawadros (Co-Host) shares on “Who are the friends of God”.  Who do you think are “Jesus’ Friends”? shared by Mary Tawadros. Our younger podcasters reflect: Christiana on “Talking to God”. Merna MO shares a poem on “Friend of God”.  Helena speaks on “A friend – taking time to listen to God “. Craig James speaks on the “Philosophy of Friendship”. Jeremiah Akladious continues his segment on, “A Bird’s peck in the book of proverbs” on Chapter 12. Fr Moses reflects on “Moses – friend of God”. Fr Shenouda Mansour shares perspective in being a “Friend of God” Two new segments are addedfrom today. The first is a short passage reading on the Gospel of St Mark Chapter 1:1-11. The second new segment introduces the writings of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III on his book titled “The Spiritual Man”. Rebecca Akladious on the Desert Fathers on Prayer. The program was produced by Merna Tawadros and Fr Shenouda Mansour.