Monthly Archives: December 2017

Title Podcast#: 0191 Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover | 09/12/2017

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.  Gospel Reflection: (Luke 1:1-25). Living your life of faith, Dealing with a bully environment, Patience is a virtue and a smile is a gift, Life Experience: raising boys. Women of faith. Panel Discussion Who is a book, don’t judge a book by its cover? Desert Fathers: Desert Fathers on humility & Did you know.

Title Podcast#: 0190 What Do I Need To Inherit Eternal Life? | 02/12/2017

What do I need to inherit eternal life?  Gospel Reflection: Mark 10: 17-3.  Leaving all to follow the Master, Is it hard to live a Righteous life, Learning to forgive, Woman of faith – Panel Discussion: Mending Fractured Relationships, Readings from the Desert Fathers & Did you know segment