Monthly Archives: May 2020

Title Podcast#:0338 Overcoming The World | 30/05/2020

Overcoming the World. Introduction. Gospel: (John 16:23-33) Woman of Faith. Orthodox Church: The Feast of Ascension. The Parable of the Prodigal Son. How to Forgive like God forgives us. Interview 1:Nader Anice: Coptic Global Day. Interview 2:Nader Anice: Coptic Global Day. Coptic Global Day 2019: Holy Family Entry into Egypt. Highlights from Coptic Global Day 2019) Bible Reflection: (Psalm 119:9-16) T8: Theme: overcoming the World. Desert Fathers & Did You Know.

Title Podcast#:0337 I am the Way, the Truth and the Life | 23/05/2020

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Gospel Reflection: (John 14:1-11). Woman of Faith: St Thecla ( 23 Pashon 1736 – 24 May 2020). Bearing others’ Burdens. From the Parables – The Rich Fool. The Lewers and blind seeking of materialism. The Road to Damascus – the Conversion of Saul (Acts 9). Women and Spirituality: raising strong women. Bible Reflection: (Psalms 119: 1-1-8). How I may repent back to God. Living the commandments of God. Holding Fast onto our confession on Jesus as Lord and Savior (Hebrews 10:19-38). The Saint of the Week (St Botamoun the Confessor) – St Bakhoumis. The Orthodox Church – The sacraments – Confession. Program Theme: I am the way the truth and the life. Desert Fathers & Did You Know.

Title Podcast#:0336 O Lord, Let Your Light Shine On Me & Guide Me | 16/05/2020

O Lord, Let your light shine on me and guide me Introduction. Gospel Reflection: (John 12:35-50). Women of faith: The Desert Mothers. How do I prepare myself for Jesus? Walking in the Light. The promises of God. The power of the Word of God. How can I be empowered by God? How I see myself and How God sees me? How do I forgive others just as I am forgiven. Bible Reflection: (Psalm:118). What Parables teach us and how they can be used in the modern world? Prioritising the church and God, O Lord, Let your light shine on me and guide me. Desert Fathers & Did You Know.

Title Podcast#:0335 Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving | 09/05/2020

Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving, Gospel Reading: (John 4:1-42). Woman of Faith: St Sophia and her three daughters, Faith, Hope and Love. Mother’s Day Special. Dealing with Spiritual Crossroads. My Mother is special because: Lord Teach Us To Pray: The Power of Prayer (Luke 11:11). Trusting in Jesus. Imitating Christ. Gods Word: The Reservoir of His Power. The Importance of Sunday School? The Advantages of making good choices?  Drinking the Living Water. Bible Reflection: (Psalm 116: 1-2) Orthodox Church: Fundamentals Tenets of the Orthodox Church. Saint of the Week: St Mark the Apostle . Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving. Desert Fathers. Did you Know.

Title Podcast#:0334 The Pre-emimence of Christ | 02/05/2020

The Pre-emimence of Christ.  What does that mean?  (Gospel: 6:35-45). Woman of Faith: St Anastasia of Serbia. Noahs Ark and God’s Promise. Redemption in Christ (Ephesians 1: 3-13). Sharing the Gospel of Christ to others. The Dangers of Eye Service (Ephesians 6). My Heroes of the Faith and why? Fighting Isolation and Loneliness. Dealing with bad influences. Bible Reflection (Psalm 128). Christ Humility: An example for all Exploring the meaning of Matthew 1:23 , “God with Us”. Orthodox Church: The Symbol of Faith – Resurrection. Saint of the Week: Holy Prophet Jeremiah. The Pre-emimence of Christ. Desert Fathers. Did you Know