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Title Podcast# 0464: Grace Upon Grace | 28/01/2023

Grace Upon Grace. It’s impact on our lives. Teaching my children about Grace, Living with Grace. The Story of Samuel as a boy. The Grace in the life of St. Anthony. Grace in a women’s life. The Holy Spirit is a gift. Gospel Reflection (John 3:22-36).

Title Podcast# 0463: Listening & Obeying | 21/01/2023

Listening & Obeying. Teaching our children how to listen. What does it mean to listen to mum and dad. How to listen to my friends. What’s the difference. Hearing God’s Voice. How do you recognise God’s voice Gospel Reflection (Luke 11:27-36).

Title Podcast# 0462: Trust | 14/01/2023

Trust. How do we maintain it in our lives. How to show that we’re show worthy. How can I trust my parents. The value of trust. How we trust in God. Why trust is important in our lives. How to develop trust. Trusting family for moral support. Gospel Reflection (Matthew 2:13-23).

Title Podcast# 0460: The New Year 2023 | 31/12/2022

The New Year 2023. To Welcome us to the New Year 2023. Teaching my Children how to set a target for the year. How to renew yourself for the year. Reflection of the New Year. Bless the crown of the new year. A new year a new page. Starting the New year with your family. Gospel Reflection (Luke 1:57-80).

Title Podcast# 0457: Joy Of Humanity | 11/12/2022

Joy Of Humanity. Rejoice in the lord always. Teaching our little ones to be joyful. Rejoice because your names are written in heaven, The joy of repentance. Fill your heart with joy, How can we spread joy to others. what is joy vs happiness. Gospel Reflection: (Luke 1: 1-25)

Title Podcast# 0456: Treasures In Heaven | 03/12/2022

Treasures In Heaven, We may have many things in our name, a car, money in the bank, a house. A suburb in our name. Do we spend any energy to have treasure in heaven. My love towards family, society. Community. Can you lay a treasure in heaven? Gospel Reflection (Mark 10:17-31).