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Title Podcast# 0425: Thomas Sunday | 30/04/2022

Thomas Sunday. Thomas and his doubts. Looking at the sunday after the resurrection to be called Thomas Sunday. when Thomas had the doubt his hands where the wounds are for Christ. The Doubts that happens and presents a lack of faith. Jesus the good Shepard. Please lord help me to believe. How to assist friends when they are scared. How to pray all the time. Gospel Reflection (John 20:19-31).

Title Podcast# 0424: The Resurrection | 23/04/2022

The Resurrection. Many of the Orthodox Churches celebrates Easter by saying:Christos Anesti (Χριστός Ανέστη). Christ rose himself from the dead. He gave us hope and to belief in him. indeed he is risen. Gospel Reflection (John 20:1-18).

Title Podcast# 0423: Palm Sunday | 16/04/2022

Palm Sunday. Jesus comes to Jerusalem as king. `Palm Sunday has many lessons. As a king rides on a donkey in humility. He came to us to learn from him. To allow him to teach us to learn humility. Sewing seeds on the joy of Palm Sunday. Why did Jesus ride on a donkey. Why did they use palm leaves. Hosanna.   Gospel Reflection (John 12 12-19).

Title Podcast# 0422: God Give Me Inner Eyes To See You| 09/04/2022

God Give Me Inner Eyes To See You. How can God come in to the heart and make you see the aspect of true aspect and open your eyes and hearts. just like the darkness and sun come from no where to brighten up this aspect of our lives. Sewing seeds how to trust God. How to trust others? How can we be friends with each others. How to teach Children emphathy?

Title Podcast# 0421: How To Support The Sick| 02/04/2022

Jesus Christ: Teaching Us How To Support The Sick. A man who is sick for 38 years. An inside into How did Jesus Christ know that the man was sick from a long time. How merciful and kind our God is. Why is it important to have faith in God. Why did Jesus heal the man? I want God to be my friend. What does the Sabbath day represent? What does the poem represent? What does 38 represent? Gospel Reflection (John 5:1-18).

Title Podcast# 0420: The Samaritan Women | 26/03/2022

The Samaritan Women. it reminds of. Have we progressed in our prayers? The prayer of a repentant heart. The Samaritan women and the empty jar. Birds peck in the book of proverbs. Who are the samaritans. Why did Jesus need to go to smaria? A Poem on the smaritan women. When God call and knocks on my door, what will you do? How can I be a good person. The Philosophy of the living water. Why is important for me to say please? Lord give me this water. Gospel Reflection (John 4: 1-44).

Title Podcast# 0419: The Prodigal Son | 19/03/2022

The Prodigal Son, This brother of yours was dead and now he’s alive. he was lost and now he’s found. How to repent? Teaching how to repent and to forgive. Why did he get angry when his brother came home? Teaching us about forgiveness. Example from the bible about forgiveness. Was the father fair to the prodigal son? What made the prodigal son return home? Gospel Reflection (Luke: 15:11-32).

Title Podcast# 0418: Temptation Sunday | 12/03/2022

Temptation Sunday. Why do the universal church calls it Temptation Sunday. Jesus went into the desert and shares with us three different temptations. How to control temptation? How not to fall into temptation. How to control it. what are the three lustst? Why did Satin try to tempt Jesus and try temptation. How did Jesus resist temptation. Daniel and the three brothers. How Gospel Reflection (Mathew 4:4-11). How to support your family during that week.

Title Podcast# 0417: Treasures of Heaven | 05/03/2022

Treasures of Heaven. What are they? MY Relationship with God. Treasure of my relationship with my family. Living the life of righteousness. do you love your family. Do I conduct a life of prayer. For a way of treasure in your heart. Teaching our children the treasures in heaven, How do we approach fasting during school hours? What is fasting? fasting of the tongue. Gospel Reflection (Mathew 6 19-33).

Title Podcast# 0416: Brief Understanding Of Pre-Lent | 26/02/2022

A Brief Understanding Of Pre-Lent – What do you mean? Baby steps. teaching my children about fasting. How to fast your tongue, How do Christians prepare for fasting. What is fasting? Why we don’t eat fish in the great lent? Poem on Lent. How did Elijah fast. The philosophy of fasting. Why 55 days? What are examples of fasting? How to encourage my family to fasting? Gospel Reflection (Mathew 6:1-18). How to become sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Heaven.