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Title Podcast# 0390: Walking In Faith| 12/06/2021

Walking In Faith. Gospel Reflection (John 16:23-33). what is walking in faith. How do you walk in faith with God. How do we do it in different Paradimes. What is Faith? How can be a faithful teenager. Obaying my parent. How can I be a faithful woman? Why is faith important?

Title Podcast# 0389: Focus Time – Life With Purpose | 05/06/2021

Focus Time – Life With Purpose. How are we able to do that with a focus and a purpose? it’s what we face every morning.Some time for prayer and reflection. Life is too short and life is great when we place focus on God. Gospel Reflection (John 14:1-11). What do we want to do in Life?

Title Podcast# 0388: Is Planning Wrong? | 29/05/2021

Is Planning Wrong? Gospel Reflection (John12:35-50). We plan our lives, we plan for a holiday, we plan for work. we plan for time to sit alone with God. in Segments topic: allowing God to plan your steps. Planing to do homework. Planing for success, God is a planer. Poems on Planing. Planning, planing planing planing!

Title Podcast# 0387: Learning To Love Others | 22/05/2021

Learning To Love Others. Gospel Reflection: (John 4:1-42) a Universal topic of how to love. is it hard to love your neighbour. sometime we have neighbours that we never speak to! as we live a social society. Segments. Respecting others. loving others in a plural society. How to apply love in our lives. Loves your spouse is hard work. what we put in is what we put out.

Title Podcast# 0384: Orthodox Easter Special 2021 | 01/05/2021

Orthodox Easter Special 2021. Gospel Reflection (John 20 1-18). Do we have two easters? What’s involved in our celebrations? Reflection shared by a number of presenters. Christos Anesti (“Χριστός ἀνέστη” – “Christ is Risen, indeed he is risen”).

Title Podcast# 0383: Reflection on Palm Sunday and the Orthodox Holy Pascha (Holy Week) | 24/04/2021

Pascha: Palm Sunday and The Holy Week of the Orthodox church. The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Gospel Reflection (John 12:12-19), Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Teaching Children about these event. The story behind: The palm trees. Lets Bring your Bibles.

Title Podcast# 0382: Lord Open My Eyes | 17/04/2021

Lord Open My Eyes. So I can see. Gospel Reflection (John 9:1-41). Women of Faith. God Enlightens the mind. Teach your child to see other points of view. Jesus, teach me to love my brother. Jesus help me understand and see. Lord touch my eyes to see. Ask and you shall see, Lord open my eyes to see Fr. Moses on reflection on the man born blind and now he sees. Psalm 143. Meta Physics and divine knowledge.

Title Podcast# 0381: The Healing Of The Paralysed Man | 10/04/2021

The Healing Of The Paralysed Man. We need your word to help me. Gospel Reflection (John 5:1-18). “Get up and take your bed and walk” Allaa will take over the Women of faith. Karen, Michelle, Fr. Moses and Rebecca on desert fathers. Jeremiah will speak about the book of Beck.