Monthly Archives: September 2019

Title Podcast#:0308 The Truth Shall Set You Free | 21/09/2019

The Truth Shall Set You Free. Jesus said those words. It’s to remind us that he is exactly that. Gospel Reflection Luke 19: 1-10) Women of Faith: Saint Sofia. The Lamb of the Bible. What is greed? don’t be greedy is the phrase. St. Moses the Black, Who was he?

Title Podcast#:0306 Growing In Gratulate | 07/09/2019

Growing In Gratulate. Giving Thanks to your family, Wife & Husband, Children. Gratitude to your Children. How to give Thanks. The meaning of thanks to the Lord of our Life.  Gospel Reflection (Luke: 7:28-35). St. Oda.   What is Babtism?. Women of Faith: Lidia. Christian Values Psalm 77. St. John the Apostle. Did you know.