Monthly Archives: January 2015

Podcast#: 048 Citizens & Ambassadors | 24/01/2015

Citizens & Ambassadors. Interview with Dr. Eman Sharobeem Psy D. ( Advisory Board Member at CRC, Advisory Board Member at Multicultural NSW and Chief Executive Officer at Immigrant Women’s Health Service). Gospel Reflection John 3:22-36. Did you know Segment.

Podcast#: 047 Epiphany! What is Epiphany?! | 17/01/2015.

Epiphany! What is Epiphany?! What is baptism? Melania the Younger, Saint Melania the Younger (also Melanie; born in Rome c. 383, died in Jerusalem on December 31, 439) is a Christian saint and Desert Mother who lived during the reign of Emperor Flavius Augustus Honorius, son of Theodosius I. She is the paternal granddaughter of Melania the Elder. Gospel of John 1:18-34.