Monthly Archives: October 2018

Title Podcast#: 0260 People Matters | 27/10/2018

People matters. Gospel Reflection on (Matthew 12:22-28). Women of faith. Children are the heart of the Family. Dealing with difficult children. Bible Reflection: (Psalm 36). God the Lover of mankind. People matters. Dealing with difficult matters. The Way of the Pilgrim, continued & Did you know

Title Podcast#: 0259 Modern Disciple | 20/10/2018

Modern Disciple. Today’s program focuses on: Gospel Reflection: (Luke 5:1-11). Women of faith. Theology reflects who we are. Meaning of Discipleship & Steps of being a disciple. Bible Passage – (Psalm 35). Sacraments in the Church. Lord, I am struggling. Desert Fathers on, ‘the way of a pilgrim’ & Did you you know segment.

Title Podcast#: 0257 Diamonds in The Sand | 06/10/2018

Diamonds in The Sand. What does that mean? Not on the beach! How can we looking within ourselves? How can we look within ourselves. Are we able to discover the diamonds that Lord placed within ourselves. The fruits of the spirit. To Love your wife, is a diamond. You can be a poor man at a desert, but have more diamonds than a rich man. Gospel Reflection (St. Luke}.