Monthly Archives: August 2022

Title Podcast# 0442: Redeeming Time | 27/08/2022

Redeeming Time Because the Days are evil. our Context, we’re busy with our lives. work, live. we’re too busy from our spiritual lives. we’ve busy with too many things. we don’t think about our lives. we battle selfishness and greed. There is time for everything. teaching our little ones the value of time. How do you wait on our God Perfect timing. Gospel Reflection (Mark 13:3-37).

Title Podcast# 0441: Saint Mary | 20/08/2022

Saint Mary. in the Orthodox concept is the mother God. The theotox. Living the life of spirituality. What can we learn from her. Live our life. What a blessed woman. she gave birth to our beloved Jesus Christ. Why did she keep things in her hear. 5 interesting things about St. Mary. What can we learn from St. Mary. Gospel Reflection (Mark 3:22-35).

Title Podcast# 0440: Fruitful Service | 13/08/2022

Fruitful Service. What is service? Service is not owning a service club, art gallery. How do you serve your parents. your children. all of this is service. at your home. service the people that you love and love you. Fruitful service if giving so others can succeed.How much can we do. What is a Fruitful live. no branch can bear fruit by itself. teaching little ones to serve. why is service important in the bible and why service others. what is the reward? I am fine and you’re the branches Gospel Reflection (John 15 5).

Title Podcast# 0439: Community & Family | 06/08/2022

Community & Family. The Family is the core. we all want to belong. identity, sense of belonging. we see our identity. a world is a small village. the man you are. Serve your community. sister, brothers. what makes a family happy. Gospel Reflection (Luke 20:9-19).

Title Podcast# 0438: God Called Us To Holy Family Living | 30/07/2022

God Called Us To Holy Family Living. We don’t realise our calling until you are in the situation, in religious or non religious. Living in a family community. What is meant by God called us to Holy Family Living. How can he be in the centre of our family village. He is the source of our life, energy, values. Godliness in the family that we serve. This Sickness will not end in death. Gospel Reflection (John 11:1-45).