Monthly Archives: November 2018

Title Podcast#: 0264 It Takes A Village To Raise A Son | 24/11/2018

It Takes A Village To Raise A Son. Gospel Reflection on (Luke 14:25-35). Woman of Faith, Samson’s mother. Daniel – a model of being a man. Teaching boys to respect women
Bible Reflection on (Psalm 40). Working on positive reinforcement. To be and to teach our sons our boys. Self esteem in boys. Pilgrims Way

Title Podcast#: 0263 10 Ways To Live A Better Life and Please God | 17/11/2018

10 ways to live a better life and please God. Gospel (Matthew 13:1-9), Woman of Faith.
Why did God gave the Commandments. Teaching children the 10 Commandments. Bible Reflection on (Psalm 39). Living the Commandments. The Greatest Commandment. Loving Thy Neighbour. Pilgrims Way.