Monthly Archives: August 2019

Title Podcast#:0305 The Lord Is My Shepard | 31/08/2019

The Lord Is My Shepard. My Father. Father’s Day Special 2019. Gospel Reflection (St Mark 13:3-37), A Soldier for Christ. Women of Faith: Sarah. The value of words. Always giving thanks to God. Bible Reflection: Psalm76. What is meant by compassion. Saint of the week: St. Luke.

Title Podcast#:0304 The Life Of Renewal | 24/08/2019

The Life Of Renewal. What is meant of this? We’re renewed every day. The Lord’s Mercy. Gospel Reflection (Mark 3: 34-35). The sacrement of confession. Psalm 76. Women & Spirituality. Know your church and Creed. The Desert Fathers and did you know.

Title Podcast#:0303 One Voice Matters | 17/08/2019

One Voice Matters. Standing United against injustice, Gospel Reflection (Luke 5:37-39). The Life of St. Marina. Multiculture in Australia, How do you see divine intervention in your life and your community? Adapting to global changes and challanges. How to support christian causes anywhere in the world. The saint of the week: St. George with Stana. What is the Greed? What is the History of the Greed.

Title Podcast#: 0302 Spirit Of God | 10/08/2019

Spirit Of God. What do you know. The spirit of God does many things in the world, touches our lives, convicts. Gospel Reflection (Luke 20:9-19). Women of faith: St. Paula. Weakness versus Strength. Self Reflection. The gift of self reflection. Moving on from regrets. (Psalm 74). The times of fasting. Desert Fathers.

Title Podcast#: 0301 A Christian Mindset | 03/08/2019

A Christian Mindset. What is meant by that? is it a christian perspective? How do we do in Life with our perception at home, work, at school & Society. Gospel Reflection  (Luke 9:23-27) Power of Prayer. Women of Faith with Stana. What is meant by rightous man? What is meant by road to redemption. Psalm 80. What is meant  Living in the fear of the Lord?.