Monthly Archives: December 2023

Title Podcast#0513: New Year Special | 30/12/2023

New Year’s Special: 2024. Wishing everyone a happy new year. Are you excited for the new year? Do you have your new year’s resolution planned? Enjoy this speical recording, with many many segments to end off the year. Luke 1:57-80 is our Gospel, with reflections from our speakers, including a live reflection with Father. Happy New Year!

Title Podcast#0512: My Soul Magnifies The Lord | 23/12/2023

My Soul Magnifies the Lord. What does this mean? How can we magnify the Lord, following in St. Mary’s example? This podcast uncovers this topic with a number of segments from speakers, including a live reflection on the concept of ‘My Soul Magnifies the Lord’. Luke 9:39-56 is the Gospel for this week with reflections.

Title Podcast#0511: The Power Of The Altar | 16/12/2023

The Power of The Altar. When we put all our concerns on the altar, we rely on God’s trust. Asking people to pray for you can be very powerful as we put our problems before the Almighty. The angel of oblation takes everything to the Lord God. As said in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call on me and I will listen.” God’s power is reflected through the altar. The Gospel is on Luke 1:26-38, accompanied with a variety of reflections from speakers.

Title Podcast#0510: The Blessings in Our Lives | 09/12/2023

The Blessings in Our Lives. What is a blessing? What are the Blessings in our Lives? How does God Bless us with what we need? What are the blessings of God? John 6:5-14 is the Gospel, accompanied with a live reflection from Dima.

Title Podcast#0509: With God All Things are Possible | 02/12/2023

With God All Things are Possible. Jesus says, with God, all things are possible. God teaches us to have a bold mind, and a positive mind. When we put everything in his hands, we can be assured. What does it mean when we say with God nothing is possible? Live Gospel Reflection with Dima (Mark 10:17-31).