Monthly Archives: March 2021

Title Podcast# 0379: The Prodigal Son | 27/03/2021

The Prodigal Son. Join Carol: Women of Faith: Mother Sara & Desert Fathers, Returning to God. Step of Spirit. Bearing with your brother. What does Jesus dining on the cross mean to you. Calling God Fathers. Book of Proverbs with Jeremiah. Reflection of interaction with us. Return to God in heaven. Gospel Reflection (Luke 15:11-31).

Title Podcast# 0377: Seeking The Treasures of The Kingdom of Heaven | 13/03/2021

Seeking the treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Gospel reflection is on St Matthew 6:19-33. Carol shares with us on woman of faith a topic titled, “Women who ministered to Jesus”. Fr Anthony Messiha shares on the “Treasures of Heaven”. A collection of short topics are given by a number of different people. Karin shares “Teaching my children the jewels of Heaven”; “Boys, this is how its done…jewel of love” by Mark Yostos. Our young podcasters, David and Merna, Mary and Merna, provide their reflection of “My favourite jewel of Heaven”. A delightful poem by Merna MO on, a “poem on the treasures of Heaven”. Jerimah Akladious, “a bird’s peck in the Book of Proverbs”. Fr Moses explains to us what is “the treasure of the Kingdom of God”. Well, why is honesty is the best policy is led by Merna Tawadrous and Fr Shenouda Mansour. The Bible reflection is on Psalm 138. What is meant by “laying treasures in Heaven” is given by Fr Shenouda Mansour. Craig James brings a discussion on Bible Matters. Finally, the Dessert Fathers is narrated by Rebecca Ikladious on St John of Karpathos for the encouragement of the monks in India who had written to him.

Title Podcast# 0376: The Great Lent – the journey begins | 06/03/2021

“The Great Lent – the journey begins”. The Gospel is on (Matthew 6:1-18). Carol shares with us on Woman of Faith reflecting women with humility. George Eskander discusses a topic on “Why prayer and fasting during the Great Lent. Fr Shenouda Mansour provides a brief introduction on the Great Lent. This is followed by a list of short podcasts of a number of people, commencing with David and Merna Tawadrous on “Lord teach me to be your child”. Mark shares with his on “Teaching children to listen to God’s Word”. Waem addresses “A mother’s joy during lent”. Mary and Merna Tawadrous provides thought provoking ideas on “Lord teach me to be your child”.  A beautiful poem by Merna MO on “A poem on Lent”, followed by Jerimah with his usual segment on “A Bird’s Peck in the Book Proverbs”. Fr David Elmasri challenges us on “the good life with Jesus”. The Bible reflection is on Psalm 137.. Our final topic is by Father Mauritius El Amba Bishoy on “Preparing for the Great Lent”. The Desert Fathers narrated by Carol.