Monthly Archives: January 2024

Title Podcast#0517: Exalting Christ | 27/01/24

Exalting Christ. What does it mean when we exalt Christ? How can we exalt Christ? How can we praise him for all the good things he does? Our Gospel is John 3:22-36, with reflections from different speakers, including a live reflection with Dr. Dima and Fr Shenouda.

Title Podcast#0516: Behold The Lamb Of God | 20/01/24

Behold the Lamb Of God. Who is the Lamb of God? What does a lamb symbolise? This week’s program focuses on the lamb of God. Today is the Feast of the epiphany, meaning the revelation, as this is also the day where the three persons of the Trinity were revealed to the world. The Gospel this week is John 1:31-51 with reflections included.

Title Podcast#0515: Escaping From Danger | 13/01/24

Escaping from Danger. What does it mean to escape from danger? Or in other words, how can we escape from sin, in seeing that danger is sin? In this podcast, we talk about what it means to escape from danger, as well as what the Bible says about this. Matthew 2:13-23 is the gospel with gospel reflections.

Title Podcast#0514: Coptic Christmas Special | 06/01/2024

Coptic Christmas Special. We wish those who celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January, according to the Julian Calendar, a Merry Christmas. We have many segments about Christmas, inlcuding segments from the congregation of the church, talking about the meaning of christmas, as well as a live reflection with Father Shenouda. Matthew 2:1-12 is the gospel reading and gospel reflections will be about this passage.