Monthly Archives: April 2017

Title Podcast#: 0149 More Blessed Than Thomas | 22/04/2017

You are more blessed than Thomas, Who is Thomas. Celebration of St. Thomas. Gospel. The aspect of doubt and fear destroys. Desert Fathers: St John 20:19-31, 2. “I am Thomas”, “Doubt and fear destroys”, “You are more blessed than Thomas”.

Title Podcast#: 0148 The Feast of Resurrection 2017 | 15/04/2017

The Feast of Resurrection 2017. We’re Celebrating Easter. Tomorrow is the Feast of Resurrection. All the Churches are celebrating Christ is risen. indeed he is risen. Beautiful reflection from Children and kindergarten kids. What is the Easter bunny? What is the meaning of it? Where did it come from. Gospel Reflection of St. John also.

Title Podcast#: 0146 Baptismal Sunday | 01/04/2017

Baptismal Sunday. The Sixth Sunday of Lent. I was blind and now see. What is it like to be blind and now see? What is meant by from Darkness comes light? Faith the power of sight. Faith in order to see. How does it all fit into the picture.