Monthly Archives: July 2018

Title Podcast#: 0249 Spiritual journey – Step At A Time | 27/07/2018

Theme: Spiritual journey – Step At A Time, Gospel Reflection; Reading 1: (Luke 9:10-17)
Woman of faith, Raising teenagers, Loving Your children, Spirituality for Children. Reading 2: Psalm 25. Bible Reflection: Lord show me your way. Virtues of Spiritual life. Spiritual life – how. Desert Fathers,  Did You know.

Title Podcast#: 0248 Thoughts Enlightened | 21/07/2018

Thoughts Enlightened. Gospel Reflection John 11:1-45. Woman of Faith. Jesus the Resurrection and the Life. Jesus the lover of mankind. Supporting your children. Bible Reflection Psalm, Walking in integrity. Virtues of love. Desert Fathers & Did you know.