Monthly Archives: December 2016

Title Podcast#: 133 New Year Special | 31/12/2016

Today, the Gospel reflection on Luke 1:57-80. New Years reflection, Message from His Grace Bishop Daniel on New Year 2017, How do we return to God and how do we return to a life of prayer; 10 words that we could avoid and use in 2017, the desert fathers on love and many wonderful songs on the new year. We take opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year in the Lord for 2017.

Title Podcast#: 0132 Christmas Special 2016 | 24/12/16

In today’s program we are delighted to have Caroline with her four daughters to speak to us on a number of different topics on Christmas. Today’s program looks at: The Gospel Reflection on St Mary visiting Elizabeth… Round table discussion on Christmas table dinner The Churches in the West. Christmas service. What it is? Gospel Reflection (Luke 1:39-56).