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Title Podcast#:0332 Your Throne O God, Endures Forever | 07/03/2020

Theme: “Your Throne O God, Endures Forever, Justice Is Your Scepter”. Gospel Reading (Matthew 4:1-11) Woman of Faith: St Theodora @ How does God give us comfort in suffering?  The value of diligence in Christ.  What does “the Narrow Way” resemble to me? The Way, the Truth and the Life. * How can I love Thy Neighbor? Bible Reflect (Psalm 104). The Lord our fortress in adversity. Reflections on The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree. With God all things are possible. Hope in Christ to me means. “Your throne O God, endures forever and ever, justice is your scepter”. Orthodox Church: The Great Lent – history, significance, restoration. Saint of the Week: St Polycarpos, Bishop of Smyrna. Desert fathers & Did you know.