Monthly Archives: January 2020

Title Podcast#:0326 Remembering St Anthony The Great | 25/01/2020

Remembering St Anthony the Great. Gospel Reading: (Luke 12:32-44). Woman of Faith: St Anna, the Mother of the Theotokos, The Holy Bible, Ageless Truth. My favourite Saint and Why? nbc Let your light shine (Lk 8: 16-18).  How I show compassion to others?  Personal Reflections on St Anthony the Great. Bible Reflection: (Psalm 96). bcWhen in doubt I….. Are you a Witness for Christ? * What Salvation means to me? * What pleases God?  Orthodox Church: Redemption in Christ (Ephesians 3-13). Saint of the Week. Martyrdom of the 49 Elders of Sheheet. Remembering St Anthony the Great. Desert Fathers. Did you know.

Title Podcast#:0325 The Race of Faith | 18/01/2020

The Race of Faith, reaching the finishing line. Gospel Reading: (Jn 3: 22-36). Woman of Faith: St Teresa of Avila. The Feast of Epiphany. Kids Segment: My favourite Prayer and scripture verse. Growing in Christ. Kids Segment:  Love towards grandparents. Studying the Holy Bible, personal tips. My favourite Parable and why?  (Psalm 93). God, School and my friends. Orthodox Church : The meaning of the Incarnation Of Jesus Christ. Saint of the Week; St Abahor. Kids Segment: To be honest and truthful. Kids Segment: Yes, I am young, treat me seriously. The Race of Faith, reaching the finishing line. Desert Fathers. Did you know

Title Podcast#:0324 The Truth Shall Set You Free | 11/01/2020

The Truth Shall Set You Free. How can the truth set you free. honesty to your Boss, Family, Friends, Wife & Children. lSt.(Luke 11:27-36) Women of Faith. St. Ruth. Power of Afirmation. Serving the family, service church. What is an Emotion Duty. Who is Arc Angle Michael.

Title Podcast#:0323 Orthodox Christmas Special 2020 | 04/01/2020

Orthodox Christmas Special 2020. Gospel Reflection (Mathew 2:1-12)  Birth of Jesus. What does it mean. women of Faith: St. Britcha of Ireland. Why did Jesus come to us? Our Homes. Nativity in our midst. Christ calling us to to discipleship. St. Anastasia. Desert Fathers and did you know. Also why the 7th of Jan. instead of the 25th Dec. why change the date?.