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Title Podcast#0506: Spiritual Farmers | 11/11/2023

Spiritual Farmers. The Seed on good soil. Stands with the people of good heart. How do you saw a seed to God? In what way is God a Farmer, How can we become a spiritual Farmer? An interview with our Guest Deema,Gospel Reflection (Luke 8:4-15).

Title Podcast# 0500: If You Seek Him You’ll Find Him | 14/10/2023

If You Seek Him You’ll Find Him. Examples are the Spartan women and Zakias. What does the bible mean by seek and you shall find.  What is the significant of the life Zakias. What does seeking God look like? Gospel Reflection (Luke 19:1-10).

Title Podcast# 0498: God Desires Our Salvation | 30/09/2023

God Desires Our Salvation. Following the law and commandments of God. The Son of man has come eating and drinking. What is God biggest desire? How do you know and fulfil his desire? How to desire to serve God. Gospel Reflection (Luke 7:28-37).