Monthly Archives: October 2016

Podcast#: 0124 “I believe therefore, I see” | 29/10/2016

“I believe therefore, I see”. Jesus healed the man who was demon possessed, blind and mute. Why is it so important for me to listen? Who am I … I want to say, I am….who am I….I am a Christian and by my deeds ….I am a wretched man….

Podcast#: 0123 I am a simple man | 22/10/2016

What is meant by simplicity….what is meant by being a simple man? Do you remember the days of the old school yard? They were simple days where as children our minds were robed with purity, simplicity, humility and meekness.

The Gospel is on Luke 5:1-11…where Jesus requests Simon Peter to launch into the deep. And here, what is meant about launching into the deep?

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