Monthly Archives: June 2021

Title Podcast# 0392: Walking With The Apostles | 26/06/2021

Walking With The Apostles. Walking in the foot steps. St. Marks the apostle. Was the church been founded by the apostles. what are the footsteps? Guest speakers
Gospel Reflection (Mathew 12:22-32) Serving my community with humility. learning to serving at home with kindness. Learning to service our family Who were the apostles? Serving in love and humility and kindness.

Title Podcast# 0391: Special Edition Pentecost | 19/06/2021

Special Edition Pentecost. Holy Spirit came down on the apostles and they spoke many tongues. Bible. Bible readings, How can read good christians life. Lord change my heart. The prayer of Nealing on Pentecost. meaning of the trinity. Gospel Reflection (John 15:26 – 16:15).

Title Podcast# 0390: Walking In Faith | 12/06/2021

Walking In Faith. Gospel Reflection (John 16:23-33). what is walking in faith. How do you walk in faith with God. How do we do it in different Paradimes. What is Faith? How can be a faithful teenager. Obaying my parent. How can I be a faithful woman? Why is faith important?

Title Podcast# 0389: Focus Time – Life With Purpose | 05/06/2021

Focus Time – Life With Purpose. How are we able to do that with a focus and a purpose? it’s what we face every morning.Some time for prayer and reflection. Life is too short and life is great when we place focus on God. Gospel Reflection (John 14:1-11). What do we want to do in Life?