Monthly Archives: February 2024

Title Podcast#0521: Return To God | 24/02/24

Return to God. God wants our hearts. He wants our repentance. We have many segments for this week to tell us about returning to God. How do we return to God? What are the steps? What is the right way? Our Goal is to be with God. We have a live reflection from Dr. Dima about the theme for this topic, alongside a reading and contemplations on the gospel of John 6:27-46.

Title Podcast#0520: Joy In Service | 17/02/24

Joy In Service. How can we find Joy in service? What is service in the first place? This weeks topic uncovers the true, christian meaning of service for Christ and the Church. Many, many segments this week, inlcuding a reflection with Dr. Dima, and a gospel reading of John 6:5-14 with gospel reflections.

Title Podcast#0519: Spiritual Fulfilment | 10/02/24

Spiritual Fulfilment. What does it mean to be spiritually full? How can we be spiritually full? In this week’s episode on Coptic Voice Radio, we take a closer look at what the meaning of spiritual fulfilment is, how to achieve spiritual fulfilment and how one can maintain their spiritual fulfillment. Includes a live reflection on this topic, as well as a Gospel of John 6:22-27, with reflections.

Title Podcast#0518: Holy Zeal | 03/02/24

Holy Zeal. What is Zeal? We know of zeal to be a great passion about something, but what about in a spiritual sense? How can we have zeal for God? How can we be passionate about our relationship with the Lord? Is there a difference between knowing of God, and knowing God? This will all be uncovered in our program on the Holy Zeal, with a gospel passage of John 9:1-38, with reflections, as well as a live reflection with Dr. Dima on the theme.