Monthly Archives: June 2019

Title Podcast#: 0294 Power From Above | 15/06/2019

Power From Above. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? How does the Spirit change us. How does it help us to be good people. Gospel Reflection John (15:26-16:15). Women of Faith. Teaching children to be truthful. encouraging integrity. Psalm 67. Helping children to be strong. it takes a village to raise a child.

Title Podcast#: 0293 Dealing With Kids | 08/06/2019

Dealing With Kids. You have Problems, particularly kids problem! How to deal with these kids problems. Kids dealing parents and vice versa. The family dynamics. Gospel Reflection (John 16:22-33). Psalm 66. Why does God tell us to “Listen”. Do we really listen or are we mind set or towards stubborn? We’ve got Nader Anese from the USA as a guest on the Global coptic Day that just started.

Title Podcast#: 0292 Our Confidence In God | 01/06/2019

Our Confidence In God. Gospel Reflection (John 14:1-11). Women of Faith. Faith in action. The art of Listening.  (Psalm 65). Learning to forgive yourself! How to go forward. How to place your confidence in God? What is the right ingredients.