Monthly Archives: February 2018

Title Podcast#: 0208 Lord Jesus Receive My Prayer | 24/02/2018

Lord Jesus Receive My Prayer. What is meant by Lord Jesus receive my prayer. Raise my heart in prayer, in supplication, Does it have to be big stuff and what about the small stuff. Psalm 6. Have Mercy on Me and hear my supplication. what is the road to repentance.

Title Podcast#: 0205 Seek First The King of God | 17/02/2018

Seek First The King of God. What is Seek first Gospel Reflection on Matthew 6:19-33). What is meaning by opening a bank account in heaven? Spiritual Frame Work. What is Frame Work? (Exodus 20:17). What is Coveting your neighbours belongings? Desert Fathers and Did you know?

Title Podcast#: 0204 Hear Me When I Call O God Of My Righteousness | 10/02/2018

Hear Me When I Call O God Of My Righteousness. In this Podcast will be focused on the term righteousness. What is Righteousness and what is is it to be righteous. The Bible Passage read is on Psalm 4, hear me O God of my righteousness. Continual prayer, Women of faith on St Mary the Egyptian. Panel Discussion is focused on “to lead a family into righteousness”. The program concludes with saying of the Desert Fathers and a segment on Did you know.

Title Podcast#: 0203 St Paul the Hermit | 10/02/2018

St Paul the Hermit. What lessons we may learn from his life, The Gospel Reflection is focused on St Matthew 6:1-18. Our Lord Jesus reminds us on prayer and fasting, and the model prayer on the “Lord’s Prayer” of Our Father in Heaven. laying treasures in Heaven, Life Reflection on doing God’s will. The program ends with saying of the Desert Fathers and a segment on Did you know.

Title Podcast#: 0202 Prayer of the Heart | 03/02/2018

Prayer of the Heart. Sometime we have the Silent Prayer. God desires the prayer of the heart. What is Psalm 3? What is Jonas Prayer of the heart of 3 days and 3 nights? What does constant prayer mean? Life Reflection on teaching Children how to prayer. As a skill for life.

Title Podcast#: 0201 Jesus Opened My Eyes | 03/02/2018

Jesus Opened My Eyes. Our understanding Our Thoughts, Our perception. Gospel Reflection (John 9:1-38). How important it is to be positive. Seeing the third perspective. Love Reflection on Supporting your children. Desert Fathers and did you know.