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Title Podcast#:0333 Jesus, The Author of Life | 25/04/2020

Jesus, The Author of Life. Gospel Reading: (John 20: 19-31). Thomas was absent at the first day This is a gospel to remind us we can doubt and Jesus our lord accepts this. Woman of Faith: Mary Magdalene. Finding Refuge in God. Hope in the Risen Lord. Personal Reflections on Psalm 23. The Different Parenting Styles and Methods.  Jesus, The Author of Life. Psalm 127. Saint of the Week: St Thomas the Hermit. Childrens Topics: What does the Resurrection mean to me? How to show obedience to Christ? Why reading the Holy Bible is important for my faith? What fruits of the spirit do I have in my life? How do I deal with unanswered prayers? Desert fathers. Did you know.