Monthly Archives: May 2022

Title Podcast# 0429: Christ is The Way | 28/05/2022

Christ is The Way. How can we know the way? How is Christ is the way? How do we worship? How do you trust Gods’ timing? How do I love others? How can I obey my parents? What does it mean to stay close to God and follow his way? How can I be generous to others? I am the way the truth and the light. (John 14) How can I stay in God’s word? How can I trust in God’s way?

Title Podcast# 0428: Let Light Shine Out Of Darkness | 21/05/2022

Let Light Shine Out Of Darkness. When resurrection happens! when the sun comes up. we always wanted to find out when is the light going to shine from this problem. when is it going to be good again. do you light a candle in hope. why is a wonderful example of life. why is it always a reminder that light always shine from darkness. Walk while you have the light. Teaching our children to follow instruction. How do you obey the ten commandments. How do we God before everything. Gospel Refection (John 12:35-50).

Title Podcast# 0427: Looking After Children’s Needs | 14/05/2022

Looking After Children’s Needs. Can it be done any better? Lets after children’s need in many aspects of life. With Children we only have one shot at it in respect to raising and teaching him the strings with food, clothing & shelter with guest speaker: Dr. Evit Ishak from the oneness charity, A poem on God’s children. Gospel Reflection ( Proverbs 22:6).