Monthly Archives: July 2019

Title Podcast#: 0300 Leading By Example | 27/07/2019

Leading By Example. Well well well. lead by example. Every one want to have a place in daily life. Leading by example in Family, Life and in Government.  Gospel Reflection (Luke:9). Blessing of charity. What is Spiritual Blinds? Today’s living challenges, Psalm 73. Putting in the arm of God.

Title Podcast#: 0299 God Cares For Me | 20/07/2019

God Cares For Me, Gospel Reflection (Gospel 18:1-9). Are you a great man, A great Women. Women of Faith with Stana. God Loves me. What does stress declare? Having confidence in God. God Teaches me strategies. (Psalm 72). The Desert Fathers.

Title Podcast#: 0298 The Life Of St. Shenouda Archmandrite | 13/07/2019

The Life Of St. Shenouda Archmandrite. His feast day. Gospel Reflection on (Luke 10:1-20). Women of Faith with Program Presenter Stana. Feast of The Apostles. Life of Prayer. (Psalm 71). Virtues of Living the simple life. and the Life Of St. Shenouda Archmandrite.

Title Podcast#: 0297 Looking After Yourself, Love yourself | 06/07/2019

Looking After Yourself, Love yourself.  Not the selfish thought you’re thinking of. What is loving and looking after yourself?. what is the negative consequencies? Gospel Reflection (Luke 9:12-17), Women of Faith. Psalm 70, Do you a forgiving heart? is it another way? Do you have cheerful smile. Learn to say no.