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Title Podcast# 0408: New Year Special 2022 | 01/01/2022

 “New Year Special 2022”. In this program, the segments address the different perspectives on the New Year. The New Year provides an opportunity to start a new page, a new chapter with God in the new year. A time to reflect what we have done in 2021 and reflect what we would like to change in 2022. What are thoughts for 2021? What are your inspirations and goals in 2022? We were all challenged in 2021 due to COVID-19 – giving us more to think about our own morality and humanness. The New Year is a new opportunity where we call to the Lord telling God, ‘O Lord, crown this year with Your Goodness. Reflections on the Gospel of St Luke 1:57-80 shared by Anne, Mirna (Co-Host) and Father Shenouda. 

Title Podcast# 0407: Christmas Special 2021| 25/12/2021

Christmas Special 2021.  What Christmas? Why do we celebrate Christmas? The Term Christmas means the birth of Christ. Christmas gifts. Christmas Tree. We look at the wise men presentation of the gifts and what do they mean? Whats the symbolism? Gospel Reflection (Luke 1:1-56).

Title Podcast# 0406: Family | 18/12/2021

“Family”. In this program, the segments address the different perspectives on Family. The program reflects a variety of talks on Family. Who is a family and what entails a family? Has the modern family changed compared to what God initially desired? The Bible teaches us in the Book of Genesis, God created Man – male and female God created and named them, Adam and Eve. They were the first parents of human mankind. As we grow up and have a family of our own, we are unable to appreciate the work of our parents in raising us to be the adults we are today. The program: In this podcast the program includes:Reflections on the Gospel of (St Luke 1:26-38) shared by Anne, Mirna (Co-Host) and Father Shenouda. In today’s Gospel of St Luke, is the passage of the “Annunciation” – the visit of Angel Gabriel to the Virgin St Mary, to be the Mother of God. St Mary teaches us the wonderful reply, ‘the handmaiden of the Lord’. In the segment on “Woman of Faith”, Alaa reflects on St Salome. The story of Adam and Eve , the first parents of mankind is reflected by George.. The question also is asked on Matthew 12:46-50, on “who is my mother and my brother” addressed by Mirna (Co-host). Jeremiah Akladious reflects on “My family is my church”. Fr Moses Ayad reflects on “Did Jesus need a family to be born” Craig James gives a philosophical approach to the Gospel Theme on Luke 1:26-38. The short segments provide a variety of perspective on the “Family”. Mary Tawadros reflects on “How can I get closer to my family”. Helena gives “Examples for a good family from the Bible”. Christiana on “Who was Jesus family?”. Taleen on “Why is a family important?”. Merna MO delights us with a poem on “Family” and a segment on “St Mary is my Mother”. Rachael Tadros reflects on “How can I love my family?” Jeremiah Akladious continues his segment, a Bird’s peck in the Book of Proverbs. Finally, the Desert Fathers is presented by Rebecca Akladious on “Beginning to prayer” by Anthony Bloom.Coptic Voice Team hopes you have enjoyed today’s podcast program. God encourages us to have an active prayer life, for through prayer we will achieve holiness, a righteous life, and a life of purity. Prayer helps us to live a moral and upright life and to live a faithful life before God. God loves you.The program was produced by Merna Tawadros and Fr Shenouda Mansour and the dedicated team members on the Coptic Voice Radio Ministry Team.

Title Podcast# 0405: Gifts and Talents | 11/12/2021

“Gifts and Talents”. In this program, the segments address the different perspectives on the gifts and talents that God gives us. We discovered our gifts and talents from a young age. Each one of us is gifted in one or many aspects of our lives. The most rewarding aspect of our lives is to use the gift and talent God gave us for the Glory of God’s Kingdom. If we are unsure on the talent and gifts God has given us, we just need to ask God, ‘please Lord reveal to me the gift and talent You have given m, Amen’. The program reflects a variety of talks on gifts and talents given to us by God.

Title Podcast# 0404: Houses Of Prayer | 04/12/2021

Houses Of Prayer. What is house of Prayer? Teaching children to pray, Teaching children to pray for each other. Acceptable prayer, Why did Jesus teach us how to pray? Examples of Prayer from the Bible. Lord Teach us How to Pray? Why do we pray at the Church? When can I prayer? What does prayer mean to us? What does prayer mean to us? What is the philosophy of prayer? Poems on Prayer. Power of Prayer Gospel Reflection (Mark 10:17-31).