Monthly Archives: May 2021

Title Podcast# 0388: Is Planning Wrong? | 29/05/2021

Is Planning Wrong? Gospel Reflection (John12:35-50). We plan our lives, we plan for a holiday, we plan for work. we plan for time to sit alone with God. in Segments topic: allowing God to plan your steps. Planing to do homework. Planing for success, God is a planer. Poems on Planing. Planning, planing planing planing!

Title Podcast# 0387: Learning To Love Others | 22/05/2021

Learning To Love Others. Gospel Reflection: (John 4:1-42) a Universal topic of how to love. is it hard to love your neighbour. sometime we have neighbours that we never speak to! as we live a social society. Segments. Respecting others. loving others in a plural society. How to apply love in our lives. Loves your spouse is hard work. what we put in is what we put out.

Title Podcast# 0384: Orthodox Easter Special 2021 | 01/05/2021

Orthodox Easter Special 2021. Gospel Reflection (John 20 1-18). Do we have two easters? What’s involved in our celebrations? Reflection shared by a number of presenters. Christos Anesti (“Χριστός ἀνέστη” – “Christ is Risen, indeed he is risen”).