Title Podcast# 0455: Salt Without Taste is Worthless | 26/11/2022

Salt Without Taste is Worthless. Teaching children how to be salt. Why was salt so precious. What does God mean when he says be Salt. How to be a leader and not a follower at school. A poem. Whoever bear your Cross and come follow me. Gospel Reflection (Luke 14:25-35)

Title Podcast# 0454: The Good Soil | 19/11/2022

The Good Soil. What are the righteous seeds? Teaching children how to keep a pure soil. What is the good spiritual soil? How to saw a seed to God? What does it mean to saw a seed in your heart? What is to saw a seed into someone? What is the soil in your heart? `Gospel Reflection (Mathew 13:9).

Title Podcast# 0453: Sowing Seeds | 12/11/2022

Sowing Seeds. When God plants a seed in your heart. Why is teaching my Children how to spread God’s important? in what way is a God like a farmer. what is the good and bad soil represent and symbolise. poem on sewing seeds. Gospel Reflection (Luke 8:4-15).

Title Podcast# 0451: A House Against Itself Cannot Stand. | 29/10/2022

A House Against Itself Cannot Stand. Every Home,, every faith community that is divided can’t stand. , if any city or a community that divided: How does our God guide our steps? How do we love our Brother. How do you love your God with all our hearts. How can I follow God every day. How does your relation with God change you as a person. Gospel Reflection: Matthew 12:22-29).

Title Podcast# 0450: At Your Word | 22/10/2022

At Your Word. Book of Genesis. Let there be light. God’s word never fails. at your word heal… we ‘re always asking at your word do something Lord. How to we live at your word. How do we connect with the word of God? what can it do for us. Gospel Reflection (Luke 5:1-11).

Title Podcast# 0449: Friendship | 15/10/2022

Friendship. Who is your true friend? he always next to me and supported me. gave me confidance.
Teaching my children how to chose their friend? why they are important. why is friendship is important in Christianity. what are the quality of a good friend? Gospel Reflection (Mark 2:1-12).

Title Podcast# 0448: Repentant Life | 08/10/2022

Repentant Life. How to live a repentant life, How do we repent. How do we ask for forgiveness. what Why repentance is important? How to repent. How to show God we love him. How can we say sorry. Poem on repentance. How do we apologise. example of Gospel Reflection (Luke 7:36-50).

Title Podcast# 0446: The Golden Rule | 24/09/2022

The Golden Rule, From the Christian Perspective. the one verse Luke 10 27… you should love the lord your God from all your soul and you should love your neighbour as yourself. How can I live in a society of many. How do I give my love to God every day. How the Golden Rule affects us Gospel Reflection (Luke 10:21-28).