Title Podcast# 0496: God Desires Our Salvation | 16/09/2023

God Desires Our Salvation. It’s for all of us and all of humanity. To step back into our life. The Son of Man has come eating and drinking. What is God’s biggest desire. How do you fulfil God’s desire. How can I give God our desire. Gospel Reflection (Luke 7:28-35).

Title Podcast# 0492: Caring For My Eternal Life | 12/08/2023

Caring For My Eternal Life. Looking after my spirit my soul. Life has purpose. Who ever falls on this stone. How can I obtain Eternal Life? What did Jesus say about Eternal Life. What is the difference between Immorality and eternal Life. Gospel Reflection (Luke 20:9-19).

Title Podcast# 0491: The Blessing Of Prayer | 05/08/2023

The Blessing Of Prayer. A gift Is to hear and answer and respond to prayers. 5 Loafs & two fish. Teaching Children how to pray. How do love to pray. Why do we pray in secret? How do we connect to others. What is the power of praying together. Why does God answer some prayer and not others. Gospel Reflection (Luke 9:12-17)

Title Podcast# 0490: The Love Of Family | 29/07/2023

The Love Of Family. What is it? Looking at our own family at home and extended ones. Why is so important. A Listening ear, compassion, empathy. Lord behold who you love is sick. Why is import to be close. How to show love to mum. How to serve family Gospel Reflection (John 11:1-45).

Title Podcast# 0489: Do Your Best And God Will Do The Rest | 22/07/2023

Do Your Best & God Will do The Best. So They all ate and they were filled. What do the five loafs and two fish symbolise. How to leave everything in God’s Hands. A poem. What virtues do we learn from feeding the 5000,How do you trust God in difficult times. Gospel Reflection  (Luke 9:10-17).