Title Podcast#0527: The Annunciation | 06/04/24

The Annunciation. This is the day where the Angel Gabriel came and visited the Pure St Mary to tell her about God’s plan in bringing His Son into the world. The perfect plan of God was fulfilled through the obedience of St Mary, and we can learn from her willingness to accept God’s plan. Her ability to say yes without questioning how it is possible can be a great lesson for us. Now, St Mary did question, but she asked how this will happen, rather than asking if this will happen. Quoting the words of the Angel who visited her, “With God, all is possible,” we can see that if God wills something to happen, it will. This is further discussed on this week’s podcast for Coptic Voice Radio.

Title Podcast#0525: The Love Of The Father | 30/03/24

The Love Of The Father. God is our Father who is in the Heavens. When we look at our Fathers here on Earth, we can see their immense love for us. If this is the case, how much greater is God’s Love for His children on Earth? Psalm 26 says, “For when my Father and my Mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me.” Even if our earthly parents leave us, we can be assured that God the Father will not leave us. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we begin with ‘Our Father who art in Heaven’. We refer to Him as the Father in many instances in prayer, and this is clearly for a reason. We will look further into God being Our Father in this week’s podcast for Coptic Voice Radio.

Title Podcast#0525: Carrying The Cross | 23/03/24

Carrying the Cross. Christ had carried the Cross on His way to be crucified, but His body was unable to push any further. After falling 3 times, comes Simon of Cyrene to carry the Cross for Him. If you were Simon in this situation, would you consider carrying the cross of Jesus a blessing or a burden? When carrying the cross for others, we need to remember Simon of Cyrene who carried the Cross for Christ, and do likewise to all of our brethren, as though they are Christ Himself. This week includes a live reflection with Dima, and a Gospel reading of Matthew 4:1-11.

Title Podcast#0524: Treasures Of The Heart | 16/03/24

Treasure is something that is very important to us. We hide it in a secure place, and do not let anyone know where it is. The treasures in the life of the one that is seeking Our Lord, is His Kingdom. His Kingdom is very precious and invaluable; something that is beyond our scope of imagination. Instead of preserving the “precious” things on Earth, we need to focus on keeping our treasures in heaven, as Christ says, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” This week’s gospel reading is from Matthew 6:19-33.

Title Podcast#0523: Getting Ready For The Great Lent | 09/03/24

Getting ready. We do it when we’re going on a trip, going to someone’s house, even when just going out with family or friends. If we do this with people here on earth, how much more should we be doing this with our father in heaven? Getting ready for Him? This Lent, we need to prepare ourselves to enjoy this period with Our Lord. With a gospel of Matthew 6:1-18, we will delve further into this topic.

Title Podcast#0522: Jesus Calls Zaccheaus – Come Down | 01/03/24

Jesus Calls Zaccheaus – Come Down! We all desire to see Jesus, and Jesus will see us and tell us to come down. On Thursday this week we also celebrated Jonah’s Passover. This week’s program has a bit of both, about both Zacchaeus and Jonah. The Gospel this week is Luke 19:1-10 with reflections.

Title Podcast#0521: Return To God | 24/02/24

Return to God. God wants our hearts. He wants our repentance. We have many segments for this week to tell us about returning to God. How do we return to God? What are the steps? What is the right way? Our Goal is to be with God. We have a live reflection from Dr. Dima about the theme for this topic, alongside a reading and contemplations on the gospel of John 6:27-46.

Title Podcast#0520: Joy In Service | 17/02/24

Joy In Service. How can we find Joy in service? What is service in the first place? This weeks topic uncovers the true, christian meaning of service for Christ and the Church. Many, many segments this week, inlcuding a reflection with Dr. Dima, and a gospel reading of John 6:5-14 with gospel reflections.

Title Podcast#0519: Spiritual Fulfilment | 10/02/24

Spiritual Fulfilment. What does it mean to be spiritually full? How can we be spiritually full? In this week’s episode on Coptic Voice Radio, we take a closer look at what the meaning of spiritual fulfilment is, how to achieve spiritual fulfilment and how one can maintain their spiritual fulfillment. Includes a live reflection on this topic, as well as a Gospel of John 6:22-27, with reflections.

Title Podcast#0518: Holy Zeal | 03/02/24

Holy Zeal. What is Zeal? We know of zeal to be a great passion about something, but what about in a spiritual sense? How can we have zeal for God? How can we be passionate about our relationship with the Lord? Is there a difference between knowing of God, and knowing God? This will all be uncovered in our program on the Holy Zeal, with a gospel passage of John 9:1-38, with reflections, as well as a live reflection with Dr. Dima on the theme.