Monthly Archives: September 2017

Title Podcast#: 0176 Prophetic Voice | 16/09/2017

Prophetic Voice. What is meant by Prophetic voice. The voice crying in the welderness, Do we have prophetic voice in the land we live in? In Australia, In the USA, Canada, Asia or Africa! Gospel Reflection: (Luke 7:28-35)

Title Podcast#: 0175 Coptic New Year Special 2017 Part 2 | 09/09/2017

Who is St Clement of Alexandria? On Exhortation to the heathens, book 1 chapter. Who is Women of faith? Faith is the substance of things hope for, Reflection on the Beatitude Matthew 5:7, “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy”, Desert fathers, Did you know & Conclusion.