Monthly Archives: January 2019

Title Podcast#: 0273 St Antony, Star Of The Desert | 26/01/2019

St Antony, Star Of The Desert. Today’s program is focused on St Antony , the Star of the Desert. The Gospel Reflection is on (St John 3:22-34). How do we apply the gospel in our lives? What is meant by, “He ( Jesus) must increase and I must decrease “. The woman of faith focuses on St Hilaria – unbelievable mother of the desert. Topics raised in this program were: desert spirituality, The life of St Antony the Great, Bible Reflection on (Psalm 49). Sayings of St Antony the Great. Modern day desert fathers. The Way of a Pilgrim.

Title Podcast#: 0272 This Is My Beloved Son | 19/01/2019

This is my beloved Son, hear Him. Gospel: (John 1:18-34). Woman of Faith. St John the Baptist. Reflections on Epiphany. Bible Reflection on (Psalm 48). Listening to God’s voice. This is my beloved Son, hear Him. The Way of the Pilgrim

Title Podcast#: 0270 Christmas Orthodox Special 2019 | 05/01/2019

Christmas Orthodox Special 2019. Gospel Reflection on (Matthew 2:1-12) Woman of Faith focused on Mother Eve, the first mother of mankind. The Appearance of the Star. The Gifts that were brought to Jesus. Why Jesus was born. Bible Reflection on (Psalm 46). Why the Difference in Christmas dates. Prophecies fulfilled – a conversation on some of them. The Way of a Pilgrim .