Monthly Archives: March 2019

Title Podcast#: 0282 The One On One with Jesus | 30/03/2019

The One On One with Jesus. Gospel Reflection: (John 4:1-42). Women of faith. Dealing with other people. Diversity. “Our lady of Guadalupe – How christianity flourish in Mexico”. Bible Reflection (Psalm 58). My role in Society. Journey in Lent – 1/2 way through. Way of a Pilgrim & Did you know.

Title Podcast#: 0280 Power In Prayer | 16/03/2019

Power In Prayer. What is meant by power in prayer. Who’s the source of Power (Mathew 4:1-11). Women in Faith (Saint Noona). How do we deal with Temptation? Psalm 56. The Temptations of Christ. How do you deal with temptations? What is the way a pilgrim?.

Title Podcast#: 0279 Seeing Beauty In All | 09/03/2019

Seeing beauty in all. The Gospel Reflection is on (Matthew 6:19-34); woman of Faith; the four topics in today’s program: Prayer and Fasting. Lent Spiritual Journey. Everything Received is a gift. Seeing beauty in all. Bible Reflection on (Psalm 55). The Desert Fathers, the way of a Pilgrim.

Title Podcast#: 0278 Doing Good To Please God! | 02/03/2019

Doing Good To Please God! What’s doing good to please God mean?? How Gospel of (Mathew 6 1-18). Women of Faith: Deborah. What is Boosting? What is self control? (Psalm 4). How do we imitate God in our Life. How do for ever practising. How to be Christ Like? is the small or big thing? The affect of a glass of water.