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Title Podcast#:0351 Jesus Knocks At My Door | 29/08/2020

“Jesus knocks at my door – He surely finds me?”. A podcast that challenges us in our hearts and minds, that, God is the one that finds us, not we find God. This Podcast commences with a Gospel on Mark 13:3-37, about the rapture and end of the world. On ‘Woman of Faith’ is produced by Carol Akladious, and she will delight us with the story of St Pelagia. Fr Kyrillos Farag will speak to us on “Jesus, come into my heart”, and this expression is easy, you need to say it with your heart and not with lip service. Did you know that we were carved in the hands of God – God knew us before we were conceived in the womb of our mothers. George Eskander will give a reflection on ‘I carved you in my hands’. We all have a visit by Jesus when He will knock at our door of our hearts. Karin will share with us a reflection on “Jesus knocks at my door – He surely finds me?”. Once Jesus finds me, He looks after me and pastorally and spiritually He looks after me. Here, Mark will leads us on “God cares for me”. Rebecca Kyracious propose three questions on “Seeking God”. The work of the Holy Spirit is a gift of God to us because of God’s love to us. Florence reflects for us on “the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives”. “Following God’s will” is such an important topic led by Antony Mansour for us to consider. Which came first, the egg or the chicken? Well, no different with the same question addressed by Fr David ElMasri on, “The Apostolic fathers view on who found – Man finds God or God finds men”? David & Merna will give us a short reflection on why “God loves me”. Yes, I am like a lost sheep – or better still the prodigal son, and yes, Fr Moses Ayad, will tell us that “Jesus went looking for me” – and he caught me in the fish’s net. In memory of the late Very Rev Fr Makarious Wahab who passed away on Thursday 27 August 2020, a short clip taken from Facebook from a recording he did at a youth group meeting by Zoom on, “try me’. This recording was from 28 March 2020. May God repose his soul. May he Rest In Peace. Condolence is extended to his wife, Tasoni Christine and to his precious family that he left behind and to the Coptic Diocese of Melbourne. The Bible Reflection is on Psalm 119:113- 120. Fr Joshua Tadros reflects to us on, “God calls me as He did with Abraham”. Finally, the Desert Fathers is narrated by Carol Akladious on the journey of St. Diadochos of Photiki, who lived in the Fifth Century. It is read from the Philokalia. Lastly, the “Did you know”.

Title Podcast#:0350 St. Mary The Mother Of God | 22/08/2020

“St Mary the Mother of God”. The Gospel Reflection is on (Mark 3:22-35). A question is being asked, “what is to do the will of God”. Carol provides answers on the virtues of St Mary in her remarks on Woman of Faith. There are many lessons to be learnt from the life of St Mary, and George Eskander provides some of those lessons. Fr Moses Ayad provides some thoughts on “St Mary was liken to the Rod of Aaron and the burning bush, why”?. If I want to do the will of God, its important that we do listen to God’s Words in our lives. Mark gives us a reflection to ponder “why listen to God’s Words in our lives”. As a mother, Karin gives us some valuable insight into “Learning the value of Motherhood from St Mary”. High school students, David and Merna gives us their thoughts on lessons to be learnt from St Mary. St Mary showed us what is meant by, “a life of submission” and Fr Joshua Tadros gives us a short exposition on this expression. From the grounds of St Cosman & St Demain, Naomi Tadros produces, “Voices of Children on what lessons we learn from St Mary the Mother of God”. We all fall into the problem of judging others, sometimes deliberatley, other times untentionally.  Fr Kyrillos Farag Shares a spiritual reflection on “judging others”, and the danger in doing it. The Bible reflection is on Psalm 119:105-112. Fr David ElMasri will send us back in time to provide a reflection on, “St Mary the Mother of God according to the teachings of the Apostolic Fathers”. Continuing the Desert Fathers, Carol narrates us the journey of St. Diadochos of Photiki, who lived in the Fifth Century. It is read from the Philokalia. Finally, “Did you know”.

Title Podcast#:0349 Prayer Experiencing The Presence Of God | 15/08/2020

Prayer Experiencing The Presence Of God. (Luke Chapter 5:27-39). Women of Faith with Carol.  St. Maharial. Prayer with Fr. Moses. What do you about The Orthodox rights. presencs of God. Praying for Others.

Title Podcast#:0348 “Resilience: The capacity to…” | 08/08/2020

“Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness”. God grants us many gifts of the Holy Spirit, and one gift is “Resilience”,so that we are able to say no to sins and be firm in our relationship in God. The Gospel reflection is on Luke 20:9-19, the  Parable of the wicked vine dressers. On the Woman of Faith – Carol shares with us the life story of St Paiesa, a wonderful story of woman spirituality, and a story of repentance. For the 1st topic of the program, George leads a discussion on, “Relisience: A gift of the Holy Spirit – preparing for tough times”. Mark provides a practical approach on “To be resilient…examples in life”. Evelyn, tells us that, “life is full of life and liberty”. But does that gives from freedom to do whatever we want? Antony, shares a youth perspective on  “Being resilient…God gives me strength”. Fr David shares the sayings of the Apostolic Fathers on “Resilience”. The Holy Spirit has many gifts of virtues and grace to equip the children of God in all of life’s challenges. HERE, Fr Moses, explains on “The Grace of Holy Spirit works in us to be resilient in spirit and strong in the Lord”. In the next four segments, there are 2 teachers and 2 students views on Resilience. The teachers shares with us the Life of a teacher – teaching students to be resilient, led by Rebecca and Karin. David and Merna: leads a discussion as students on, “Being at school teaches us to be resilient”. Did you know lying is a grave sin, that sin leads a person to be blind to what they are doing. Here, Fr Kyrillos talks to its viewers, “being victorious in Christ encourages a person to ask God for resilience, and to ask God in overcoming the sin of lying. From here, the program leads on a small panel on a Bible Reflection on Psalm 119:89-105. The final topic is led by Fr Joshua in a discussion titled,  “God’s guidance and direction, none other than, “Resilience”. Finally, Fr Shenouda narrates The Desert Fathers on St. Diadochos of Photiki who lived in the 400 , under  486CE, taken from the Philokalia.

Title Podcast#:0347 “The Power to be Freed” | 01/08/2020

“The Power to be Freed”. We have a number of guests speakers to speak to us on a number of topics. We start with the  Gospel Reflection on St John 11:1-45, where it reminds us the Lord Jesus saying, “I am the Resurrection and the Life”, for He is the Author of Life and has authority over life and death. In the Woman of Faith segment Carol Akladious leads us in sharing about Mother Susan of the 6th Century. George Iskander shares with us on “self esteem: what does this mean for me as a Christian’?. Fr Moses walks us through “what does Christ do to encourage our self esteem (from the gospels)? How can we learn from His example?”. A topic present by a number of people on: “How can we encourage one another” is presented by a gender and generational responses from a woman’s perspective in Karen who will share with us her view, and Mark Yostos will share with us his view from a man’s perspective. The gender divide is shown here, their reflection shows the difference in gender, and how gender deals with this matter much differently. More differently, is the generational difference in school students views with David and Merna. In all, this is a beautiful segment to show a broad range understanding in gender and intergeneration. Our segment reflects, what do you do when you get hurt. We all treat this matter alot different, …pending our experience, resilience and ability to forgive, and difference in gender and the difference in generation. We will hear from another school student, Marya on “When I am hurt: where do I go to for healing?” We are very blessed to have Voices of Children produced and recorded by Naomi Tadros from the Sunday school of St Cosman and Sr Demain on “loving their parents – and why I love my parents” The answers of children provide wonderful memory of our childhood….O Lord, help us to return our hearts to a state of innoence. We welcome  Fr Kyrillos Farag to the program where he will share with us an in-depth discussion on, “overcoming anger and wrath” . Fr Kyrillos Farag gives us a sound framework on how we are able to overcome anger and wrath….one easy solution he …provides is to invite God into your life…to allow the Holy Spirit to effectively work in your life. Overall, Father Kyrillos gives a positive framework for us to consider. Welcome Fr Kyrillos Farag to the team. We continue our Bible Reflection on Psalm 119: 81-88. Be reassured that God love us and cares for us, and carry our weak state as we dint for Christ’s salvation and mercy in our lives. The love of the Apostolic Fathers is shared by Fr David in addressing “Self Esteem: Brief views taken from the Apostolic Fathers”. And finally Fr Shenouda narrates the a portion of the Desert Fathers of St. Neilos the Ascetic who was an abbot of a monastery near Ankyra (Ankara) in the early decades of the fifth century, some of his discourse of his life taken from the Philokalia.