Title Podcast#:0350 St. Mary The Mother Of God | 22/08/2020

“St Mary the Mother of God”. The Gospel Reflection is on (Mark 3:22-35). A question is being asked, “what is to do the will of God”. Carol provides answers on the virtues of St Mary in her remarks on Woman of Faith. There are many lessons to be learnt from the life of St Mary, and George Eskander provides some of those lessons. Fr Moses Ayad provides some thoughts on “St Mary was liken to the Rod of Aaron and the burning bush, why”?. If I want to do the will of God, its important that we do listen to God’s Words in our lives. Mark gives us a reflection to ponder “why listen to God’s Words in our lives”. As a mother, Karin gives us some valuable insight into “Learning the value of Motherhood from St Mary”. High school students, David and Merna gives us their thoughts on lessons to be learnt from St Mary. St Mary showed us what is meant by, “a life of submission” and Fr Joshua Tadros gives us a short exposition on this expression. From the grounds of St Cosman & St Demain, Naomi Tadros produces, “Voices of Children on what lessons we learn from St Mary the Mother of God”. We all fall into the problem of judging others, sometimes deliberatley, other times untentionally.  Fr Kyrillos Farag Shares a spiritual reflection on “judging others”, and the danger in doing it. The Bible reflection is on Psalm 119:105-112. Fr David ElMasri will send us back in time to provide a reflection on, “St Mary the Mother of God according to the teachings of the Apostolic Fathers”. Continuing the Desert Fathers, Carol narrates us the journey of St. Diadochos of Photiki, who lived in the Fifth Century. It is read from the Philokalia. Finally, “Did you know”.