Monthly Archives: February 2022

Title Podcast# 0416: Brief Understanding Of Pre-Lent | 26/02/2022

A Brief Understanding Of Pre-Lent – What do you mean? Baby steps. teaching my children about fasting. How to fast your tongue, How do Christians prepare for fasting. What is fasting? Why we don’t eat fish in the great lent? Poem on Lent. How did Elijah fast. The philosophy of fasting. Why 55 days? What are examples of fasting? How to encourage my family to fasting? Gospel Reflection (Mathew 6:1-18). How to become sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Title Podcast# 0415: Tears Of Repentance | 19/02/2022

Tears Of Repentance. As for the fasting and prayer, as access to the heart and soul. Last weeks Podcasts on Jonah has a big effect. How can you prepare for Lent. How can this week’s segment help you in repentance. How can you saw the seeds in your Children. A Poem on Repentance, How can you start on Repentance. What is the difference of Repentance and Confession. Gospel Reflection on (John 6:26-46).

Title Podcast# 0414: Jonah | 12/02/2022

Jonah. Found in the Hebrew Bible who ran away from God. Where is Nineveh today? in Iraq encircled by the modern city of Mosul, When God calls, do you respond? How does God calls you? How did he survive the fish? Segment on Prayer on heart, of Jonah, Lesson on Obedience. listening. don’t judge people. Can you hide from God. all God’s plans are successful. Why was Jonah sent to Nineveh? How to teach children to face difficulties? Gospel Reflection (John 6:5-4).

Title Podcast# 0413: St. Paul The Hermit. 05/02/2022

St. Paul The Hermit. Who was he? what generation is he? What can we learn from St. Paul. Learning to forgive, how, why he left the world. Today we’re not able to live in the desert how was he able to survive. is it divine assistance or intervention? What did he eat daily? A poem of the heart. How to imitate St. Paul. Reflection of the two lions in the art drawn for St. Paul famous icon. Gospel Reflection (John 6:22-27)