Monthly Archives: May 2023

Title Podcast# 0481: Jesus Christ Has Overcome The World | 27/05/2023

Jesus Christ Has Overcome The World. Till now you’ve asked nothing in my name. Teaching children how to spend time with God.How to accept support? What is  God’s promise for hard times. How to keep faith when it looks impossible? How can I help my mom. How to overcome challenges. Gospel Reflection (John 16:23-33).

Title Podcast# 0480: The Way, The Truth & The Life | 20/05/2023

The Way, The Truth & The Life.  Who follows me. Live life of abundance. Do you not believe `. Teach the little one to be generous to others. How to follow Jesus way of life. How to honour Jesus way of life Gospel Reflection (John 14:1-11).

Title Podcast# 0479: Mother’s Day | 13/05/2023

Mother’s Day. Happy Mothers day to all our listeners and mothers out there. Teaching my children how to love their mothers. How do I follow the lord Jesus. How to express our appreciation to our Mothers? How do we live and honour Our Mothers Gospel Reflection (John 12:35-50).