Monthly Archives: June 2022

Title Podcast# 0433: Life of Faith | 25/06/2022

Life of Faith. Jesus held the man. How we live life of faith. it’s different from everyone. Do I live my life of faith with him. However it’s actually believing in life with Jesus. The tree is recognised from it’s fruit. Teaching children not to judge others. How important is your faith. The story of David and Gliaiath. What about the mustard seed. How do you show faith. (Mathew 12:22-37).

Title Podcast# 0432: The Power Of Forgiveness | 18/06/2022

The Power Of Forgiveness. God has the power to forgive Sins. Can human forgive. Gospel Reflection ( Luke 5): 17-26). A virtue to forgive. Teaching to forgive. What is the life of repentance. The value of forgiving others. Friends, your sins are forgiven. What did Jesus say about forgiveness. A Poem on forgiveness.

Title Podcast# 0431: The Power of The Holy Spirit| 11/06/2022

The Power of The Holy Spirit. The power came on the day of Penticost. The birth of the church Treasures of the fathers. Grant me a wining spirit to sustain me. What is the fruit of the holy spirit? The Peace of the holy Spirit. The Holy spirit in many blessings. Gospel Reflection (John 15:26 – John 16:15).

Title Podcast# 0430: Ascending The Heart and Mind with Christ | 04/06/2022

Ascending The Heart and Mind with Christ. Teaching the children how to be humble. How to pray for the sick? How to be happy. the complete joy, The joy of waiting. How to be nice? How to support my friends? Don’t leave Jerusalem, but wait. What is the Holy Spirit. The righteous Gospel Reflection (John 16:23-33).