Title Podcast#: 0274 Open The Eyes Of My Heart O LORD | 02/02/2019

“ Lord, open the eyes of my heart to see You”.
If I ask God to open my eyes, will He open my eyes to see Him? The answer is yes. Let’s us how… but, in short, I need to ask God, please God open my eyes…  In today’s Gospel Reflection we will be focused on the Gospel of St John 9:1-38, how Jesus opened the eyes of the man born blind. The Woman of Faith will be on St Demania. There are 4 Topics covered in this program. How many miracle did Jesus perform in the Gospels. Miracles by Jesus show us… Your word is lamp to my feet. Lord open the eyes of my heart to see You. The second Bible Reflection is on (Psalm 50). Our journey in the Way of a Pilgrim continues.