Title Podcast#:0339 My Helper, The Holy Spirit & The Feast Of Pentecost | 06/06/2020

This Program talks about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. How God works for our eternity. Commencing the Podcast with a reflection on the Gospel of John 15:26-16:15. Woman of Faith narrated by Carol. The General Vicar of Coptic Diocese of Sydney, Very Rev Fr Matthew Attia contemplates a reflection on Pentecost. A Special message from Mr. Nader Anice from Global Coptic Day on “My Coptic Hero”, and the four special category that allows the whole church worldwide to participate – Yes…we all need to participate. Youstina, a youth from Sydney reflects “Called to Serve”…are we called to serve…we are all called to serve…what is your special calling by God? A reflection by a primary school student in Sydney on “Gods work in my life”. Mr. George Eskander speaks on a topic that will make you think next time to pray – “Telling God what He already knows”. Fr Anthony Morgan reflects on the “Happenings on Pentecost”. Mr. Antony Mansour gives a perspective and insight on the “Fruits of the Spirit”. Mr. Paul and Ms. Monica (dual) provide a segment on “Christian Living”. Followed by a Bible Reflection on   Psalms 119:17-24. Fr Joshua Tadros reflects on the theme, My Helper, the Holy Spirit and the Feast of Pentecost. With closing desert fathers and did you know.