Title Podcast#:0344 Remembering the Apostles | 11/07/2020

Today‘s Podcast focuses on a theme to “Remembering the Apostles” on their labour of love sacrifice they did to establish the Church. Today’s Gospel reflection is on Luke 10:1-20. Carol will lead us on the Woman of Faith, with George Eskander addressing “The Power given to the Apostles”. Fr Suriel will delight us with a story on “The Apostles, a story of love and sacrifice” and “Living the faith in todays’ society” will be shared by Fr Moses. Fr David will look at “Apostolic Father for modern day context”. A number of young Sunday school children will provide reflections on “Moving Mountains” and on Prayer” led by Rebecca Kyracious a Sunday school teacher.  A Bible reflection is given on Psalm 119: 57-64. Antony Mansour will share a youth’s reflection on “Empowering Youth -the future of youth service”. The Desert Fathers will reflect on some sayings by St Antony Great taken from the Philokalia.