Title Podcast#: 0361 Who is my neighbour?| 07/11/2020

The Gospel reflection is on Luke 1:26-38. How do I find grace in the eyes of God, and how do I find favour before God. In the woman of faith, Carol shares with us, “how a wife’s strength should be spent on her husband”. Father Moses Ayad helps us understand what is “the greatest commandment”, and Father David tells us why love is the hardest thing to do. We have a number of different reflections by young people as follows: Karin will tell us “why love is the greatest gift”; Mark will tell us “what is the greatest gift”; Mary will share with us who is my neighbour; Florence will tell us, well, “My neighbour is…”; David will tell us on “ my neighbour is…”; and Wesam will leads us into the deep end on “who is my neighbour”. Fr Joshua Tadros explores for us on “who is my neighbour through scripture. Jeremiah goes deep into the Book of Proverbs in his segment, “a bird’s peck in the Book of Proverbs”. How do I love my neighbour unless Christ is formed in me and this is expounded by Fr Kyrillos for our learning. The Bible reflection in on Psalms 122. Fr Antony Morgan provides some practical reflection on who is my neighbour. Carol Akladious continues for us the journey of St Didachos of Photiki on Spiritual knowledge and discrimination – focusing on chapters 72-77.